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Basement To Beautiful Wall Panels
Drain Tile Installation
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UltraSump Battery Back Up
SaniDry Dehumidifier


Crawl Space Repair
CleanSpace Encapsulation
Turtl Access Hatch
Everlast Crawl Space Doors
SaniDry Csb Dehumidifier
SmartDrain Water Drainage
SilverGlo Wall Insulation
TerraBlock Floor Insulation
SmartSump Sump Pump
Crawl-o-sphere Crawl Space Fan
WallCap Block Wall Sealer
SmartVent Flood Vents


Foundation Repair
Push Pier Underpinning
Geo-lock Wall Anchors
Geo-lock Helical Anchors
Powerbrace Bowed Wall Repair
Carbonarmor Fiber Wall Repair
SmartJack Crawl Space Support
Slab Pier Repair
PolyLevel Concrete Lifting
Ez Post Deck Repair
Shotcrete Wall Restoration


Basement Finishing / Remodeling
Everlast Wall Panels
Insulated Wall Panels
Premier And Linen Ceiling Tiles
ThermalDry Floor Tiles
Millcreek Faux Wood Flooring
Sunhouse Window Wells
Everlast Window Replacement
Rockwell Egress Window


Radon Mitigation
Radon Testing
Radon Detection
Radon Abatement
Radon Mitigation System
Before and After Pictures from Springfield
CleanSpace Cleans Up in Springfield, IL

CleanSpace Cleans Up in Springfield, IL

Before After
CleanSpace Cleans Up in Springfield, IL CleanSpace Cleans Up in Springfield, IL

Originally, this crawl space was lined with plastic that either the homeowner laid down or another business did.  Dirt, pests, and water easily made it under and on to the surface of this liner.  CleanSpace replaced this and created a much cleaner space.  The white liner is thick enough to keep away pests, dirt, and water.  It lines the floor and the walls to make sure proper drainage is taking place.  CleanSpace leaves the crawl space dry and looking brand new.

WellDuct Fixes Leaky Window Well in Springfield, IL

WellDuct Fixes Leaky Window Well in Springfield, IL

Before After
WellDuct Fixes Leaky Window Well in Springfield, IL WellDuct Fixes Leaky Window Well in Springfield, IL

This basement in Springfield, IL had leaky window wells that left the walls discolored and the basement wet.  Woods Basement Systems installed a WellDuct window drainage system to collect any water leakage and drain it down to the waterproofing system, where it is carried out and away from the home.

Insulated Springfield, IL Crawl Space Reduces Utilitiy Costs

Insulated Springfield, IL Crawl Space Reduces Utilitiy Costs

Before After
Insulated Springfield, IL Crawl Space Reduces Utilitiy Costs Insulated Springfield, IL Crawl Space Reduces Utilitiy Costs

BEFORE: Moisture from water damaged the fiberglass insulation, floor joist and studs in this Springfield, Illinois crawl space.

AFTER: Woods Basement installed a crawl space vapor barrier and insulation that pays for itself with its energy-efficient benefits.

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Reliable Wet Basement and Foundation repairs in Springfield, IL

I believe that the equipment is ready to perform as designed. My experience with the technician was very positive....
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Dependable Foundation and Concrete Leveling in Springfield, IL

At Woods Basement Systems, Inc., we have been putting customer service as our top priority since we opened our doors in 1986. Our professional technicians will give you piece of mind and our products are of the highest quality, ensuring your project is done right. We are proud to serve our area and want to put our expertise to work for you!

Problems with a foundation can have a number of causes including, the foremost of which is usually poor soil that can no longer support the weight of the house. We have the products to remedy these problems. Our I-Beam wall brace and wall anchors can correct bowing, leaning walls, and our jack posts and foundation piers will remedy problems with sinking floors. 

Have issues with sinking concrete on your sidewalk or patio? Many contractors will tell you the solution is to completely replace the concrete slab. Our PolyLEVEL concrete leveling system, we can inject the solution under the concrete, raising it to its appropriate height, without replacing the entire concrete slab. This is not only quicker and easier, but is also more cost effective as well. 

Wet Basement Repair and Refinishing

Basement disrepair can present itself in a variety of ways. Even small things like a musty smell or extra moisture can be indicators of a deeper problem. Installing a professional grade sump pump as well as dehumidifiers is a good way to start fixing the problem and then prevent it from happening again. 

Symptoms of a waterproofing problem

  • Wet or damp basement floor
  • Leaking or damp basement walls
  • Pooling or standing water
  • Crystaline deposit on concrete surfaces
  • Musy odors
  • Condensation
  • Sump pump issues
  • Leaky basement windows

Additionally, if you are thinking about refinishing your basement, it's vital to make sure that it is properly waterproofed - it is always a pain to have to waterproof after it's refinished and costs more as well. Installing waterproof EverLast basement wall panels and waterproof flooring creates a seal that keeps out moisture, bugs and humidity. This keeps your basement both beautiful and dry, while also being energy-efficient. 

Crawl Space Repairs in Springfield, IL

Crawl space problems usually occur from a buildup of moisture and debris, often left over from when the house was first built. Some of the major symptoms of a crawl space problem are sagging floors, a musty smell, wood rot, and even mold growth. We use products that will keep your crawl space dry and clean. By installing a vapor barrier, it seals out moisture and bus, while also sealing in hear and air conditioning. Our trained technicians can also install a dehumidifier which will allow the space to become an energy-efficient area of the home, instead of a problem area. 

Woods Basement Systems, Inc. has the expertise to be your local contractor all your basement, foundation, and crawl space repair needs. Our friendly staff and professional technicians are ready to help you find the solution that will work best for you and your home. Call us today for a free estimate!

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Case Studies From Springfield
This Springfield, IL homeowner had several common signs of a foundation problem such as stair-step cracking and jammed doors and windows. He had...
This Springfield, IL resident had large cracks in her basement walls and discovered that the walls had begun to bow slightly. She had been putting...
This Springfield, IL basement was in desperate need of a waterproofing system. Over the years, the foundation had settled, causing cracks in the...
Press Releases From Springfield
Woods Basements Systems is offering an added bonus with SaniDry dehumidifier purchases as homeowners prepare for the Spring showers and humidity.... [Read more]
Woods Basement Systems is joining in the effort to increase awareness of the dangers of radon and protect homeowners from this odorless, colorless gas during National Radon Action Month.... [Read more]
Job Stories From Springfield, IL
Springfield, Illinois Basement Waterproofed with WaterGuard and TripleSafe

Joan and Eric M. of Springfield, Illinois were troubled by the water leaking into their basement where the floor meets the wall. The water risked damaging their valuables and created a musty odor.

System design specialist Greg B. designed a solution to keep their basement dry. Foreman Mason S. installed WaterGuard, a perimeter drainage system. WaterGuard collects and guides water to the TripleSafe sump pump system. TripleSafe is equipped with three pumps to ensure their basement stays dry. 

Joan and Eric are pleased to have a dry basement knowing it will stay dry.

PowerBrace Installation in Springfield, Illinois

Springfield, Illinois resident Kathy G. was concerned with her bowing foundation walls. As the walls bowed in, they began to crack. System design specialist Gregory B. designed a solution to correct the walls and support the foundation.

Foreman Jeremy R. and his crew installed PowerBrace. PowerBrace is a foundation support system. Over time, PowerBrace can straighten the walls, and it provides continuous support for the foundation. Kathy's home is now safe and supported.

ThermalDry Flooring Installed in Springfield, Illinois

Springfield, Illinois resident David B. was tired of his cold, concrete floors in his basement. The floors were unsightly and not comforting. System design specialist Paul W. designed a solution.

Foreman Andrew T. installed ThermaDry flooring. ThermaDry is waterproof and inorganic, so David will not have to worry about mold growth. ThermaDry helps to regulate the basement temperature to create a comfortable environment.

Sump Pump Installed in Springfield, IL Crawlspace

Larry S. in Springfield, IL had problems with standing water in his crawlspace. Larry knew that this water threatened his home with mold and rotting wood. He sought out Woods Basement Systems for a solution.

Woods installed a sump pump to evacuate the standing water from the crawlspace. This water is pumped into the yard through a discharge line. This discharge line can become clogged or frozen, not allowing water to pass through. In order to prevent this water from backing up into the crawlspace, IceGuard was installed as an escape route for the water.

Energy Bills Reduced in Springfield, IL

John R. in Springfield, IL was experiencing high energy bills because controlling the climate of his crawlspace was difficult. Due to the air rising, the temperature of the crawlspace would rise into the house, which makes controlling the house climate use more energy.

Woods Basement Systems came in and installed CleanSpace to seal the crawlspace and keep moisture out of the space. Vent covers were also installed for the same purpose. Keeping the moisture out is very important to keeping the area less humid, making temperature control easier. 

Woods also installed a SaniDry for humidity control. The SaniDry is a dehumidifier that will control the humidity in a crawlspace. The SaniDry filters out the moisture in the air and drains it away.

Woods finished by installing a TripleSafe sump pump to pump out any water that may get into the space. The sump pump will work in almost any conditions and pumps the water into they yard. This discharge line can sometimes become clogged or frozen, blocking the water escape route. To ensure this water is not returned to the crawlspace, Woods installed IceGuard, which provides and escape route for water in case of a backed up line.

Sump Pump Installed in Springfield, IL

Karen C. had a leaky basement that had standing water in her Springfield, IL home. Karen was worried about keeping her belongings safe and dry. Woods Basement Systems came in and installed products to help keep the water out.

Woods installed a TripleSafe sump pump that would be able to pump water out of the basement in almost any condition. This sump pump will pump water out through the discharge line, which leads the water out of the basement to the yard.

The discharge line can become frozen or backed up. So, Woods installed IceGuard to allow water to have an escape route if that were to happen. This was to ensure that the water did not get back into the basement.

CleanSpace Crawlspace Encaspulation in Springfield, Illinois

Springfield, Illinois homeowner Helen W. was disturbed to her wet crawlspace had left her with many problems, including mold and rotting. Because the soil in her crawl space began to settle, her floors began to sag. 

System design specialist Kevin E. designed a solution to solve her many crawlspace problems, and foreman Joshua B. and his crew installed the solutions.

First, to solve her sagging floors, SmartJack was installed. SmartJack restores falling floor beams to their original position, can be adjusted over time and will not rust. 

To solve keep her crawlspace dry, her crawlspace was encapsulated with CleanSpace, a vapor barrier. In addition to CleanSpace, the energy-efficient dehumidier SaniDry CX was installed.

Lastly, the EverLast Access Well was installed. EverLast not only keeps water out, but it also keeps critters from making a home of her crawlspace while allowing natural light to come in.

Thanks to this carefully designed solution, Helen's crawspace is dry and her foundation is safely restored to its original position.

Sagging Floors and Humidity Controlled in Springfield, IL Crawlspace

Helen W. of Springfield, IL experienced issues with sagging floors and humidity control in her crawlspace. The crawlspace was extremely humid. Woods Basement Systems fixed the sagging floors by installing SmartJacks. These lifted the floors and provided support. We also installed a SaniDry and CleanSpace to control the humidity and provide a proper vapor barrier in the crawlspace. The SaniDry will filter the air in the crawlspace and remove the moisture to make the crawlspace less humid.

Push Piers Stabilize Springfield, IL Home

A Springfield, IL homeowner had several common signs of a foundation problem such as stair-step cracking and jammed doors and windows.  He had noticed the cracks years ago, but did nothing about the problem, thinking that his home was done settling.  However, a home is never “done” settling and is constantly shifting and moving.  Because of this, the cracks became larger, and now the homeowner wants to get his foundation problems permanently taken care of.

Woods Basement Systems installed Push Piers by Foundation SupportWorks in order to permanently stabilize the home.  The resident was very pleased with the work done by Woods and now has the peace of mind that comes with having a stable home.

Drying out the Air with SaniDry in Springfield, IL

This homeowner in Springfield, IL  had a humidity problem in his basement.  He called Woods Basement Systems to get his free estimate.  A System Design Specialist came to his house and told him about the SaniDry System.  SaniDry would improve the the quality of the air and dehumidify his basement.  The homeowner loved the idea and went for it.  Now his basement feels much better.

Springfield, IL Wall Anchor Installation

This Springfield, IL resident had large cracks in her basement walls and discovered that the walls had begun to bow slightly.  She had been putting the problem off for years, but finally decided to get it permanently solved when the cracks became larger.

Woods Basement Systems solved this homeowner’s problem by installing a Geo-Lock Wall Anchor system by Foundation SupportWorks.  Woods was able to help the resident by closing the cracks in her basement walls and preventing any further bowing.

Wet Basement in Springfield, IL

A Springfield, IL basement was in desperate need of a waterproofing system.  Over the years, the foundation had settled, causing cracks in the foundation and walls.  The sump pump was failing to keep up with the incoming water and wasn’t keeping the basement dry.

Woods Basement Systems first installed Push Piers around the home in order to lift the home back toward its original position and close the cracks in the foundation.  Woods installed WaterGuard and a TripleSafe sump pump to prevent any future basement flooding.  The WaterGuard system along with a TripleSafe gave the customer the satisfaction of having a permanently dry basement.

Crawl Space Encapsulation in Springfield, IL

Got a nasty crawl space in need of a makeover?  Berta from Springfield certainly did, and she now has a clean and encapsulated crawl space thanks to CleanSpace.  Before the installation, she would never think of going down in her crawl space.  Now she has a nice storage area that separates her crawl space from the earth and seals water out.

Woods Basement Systems installed the CleanSpace in order to transform the crawl space into a healthy, usable space.  The material is thick and durable, and it will last as long as the home.

Berta was very satisfied with the work that was done and rated Woods a 10 out of 10.  She highly recommends Woods due to their excellent service.

Work Requests From Springfield, IL
Weston Place in Springfield
I have a damp crawl space and have musty orders in the house. I have no sump pump but need one. I would like a quote to take care of the dampness and keep it from returning.
Greenbriar Rd. in Springfield
We would like a quote on waterproofing our basement. We did have someone from Woods visit our home a few years ago. We would like to start making plans to get the project started.
Kerry Blvd in Springfield
We are looking at a house in glen Carbon and they have an unfinished basement that have the small windows. Do you install egress Windows? Thank you
Spaulding Orchard Road in Springfield
I live in a flood zone in Springfield and my basement always getting water from the ground seeping up through cracks in the floor and I'm about to lose my mind! We just bought the house 2 years ago and it's getting worse. The walls have been water proofed and a track system is in place. We have 2 sump pumps. But the water doesn't seem to get to the pumps just comes straight up in the floor. I need an estimate.
Castle Pines Dr. in Springfield
Would like a quote for radon mitigation system.
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