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  • "At the end of the day, as sun was setting for the second day in a row, they continued to be pleasant,..." Read Full Testimonial

    Jane P. of Webster Groves, MO

    Customer Testimonial

              I am sending this email after two days of very intense activity from your team. It is now Saturday night and I have to say, I am feeling good things about your team and what they delivered. I want to respond with my observations that I hope will be conveyed to those who supervise them. Please forgive me if I have misspelled names: Miguel, the team leader, was capable, courteous, and very much in charge in a very obvious team leader way. The other members of the team showed him respect but had no fear of him. Miguel was very communicative with us that needed to be informed but at the same time pulled his weight with physical labor which could have been perceived as beneath him as leader. Malik, the smallest of the crew but carried a leadership role. He was especially courteous, respectful, but showed skills that made him a very valuable asset to the team. He worked inside the building on the first day with very little direction but didn’t need it. On day two, when the team was one man down, his size and knowledge was an asset when he put a pier into a very small space with great ability. The next name I must start with an apology because I didn’t get a spelling. It sounded like Jenoah. He is tall, very willing to do whatever he was asked to do, and a good mixer of concrete, which was a skill he took pride in. On day one he spent lengthy time in deep holes which were very risky. Howard was here on day one. He was pleasant. He served us well with this prior job connections when we needed to have some of the flags/wires checked out by utilities. At the end of the day, as sun was setting for the second day in a row, they continued to be pleasant, cheerful and courteous. They have brought us through a difficult time with feelings of gratitude. Please acknowledge our gratitude to these workers.
    Jane P.
    Webster Groves, MO

Malik Johnson from Woods Basement Systems, Inc.

Title: Foreman

Hometown: Granite City, IL

Malik Johnson from Woods Basement Systems, Inc.

Children: De'Maya

Malik joined Team Woods as an Installer, and has since moved into his current role as a Foreman. Malik's daily responsibilities as an Foreman include leading his team and overseeing the loading of trucks in preparation for the job site. He also performs installation duties according to company approved methods, standards and timetables. Our crews also take pride in using safe methods when handling tools and equipment, answering any questions customers may have while working in their homes, and cleaning the work site once installation is complete. 

In his spare time Malik likes to exercise, play basketball, go running, and to spend as much time as possible with his daughter. 

Before and after photos from jobs I've worked on:
  • EverLast Windows Seal and Brighten Basement in Marion, IL
    EverLast Windows Seal and Brighten Basement in Marion, IL

    Sheila and Mark F. in Marion, IL were looking to replace their leaky, drafty basement windows with something more durable and water-resistant. They reached out to Woods Basement Systems, and they received a no-cost estimate on the ideal replacement courtesy of Design Specialist Chris A.

    Foreman Malik J. and his team installed EverLast windows to replace the drafty old ones. EverLast windows are constructed from durable, high-quality vinyl for a watertight seal with no need to worry about rust, rot, or repainting. Sheila and Mark now have the peace of mind they need to enjoy the dry, bright basement they deserve thanks to EverLast!

  • CleanSpace Installed in Lebanon, IL Crawl Space
    CleanSpace Installed in Lebanon, IL Crawl Space

    Jason of Lebanon, Illinois wanted to have preventative work done to his crawl space. After discussing options with system design specialist, John S., Jason and John decided to install a new CleanSpace encapsulation system. Here is a before and after of the installation of CleanSpace in Jason's crawl space. 

    Thankfully, now Jason and his family will have a safe and healthy crawl space!

  • TrenchDrain Installed In Moro, Illinois
    TrenchDrain Installed In Moro, Illinois

    Cyntia Hl of Moro, Illinois discovered water pooled around the hot water heater in her basement. In addition to water coming into her basement where the floor meets the wall, the water around the hot water heater risked damanging her valuables. System Design Speciaist John S. designed a solution to keep the basement dry.

    In addition to installing a waterproofing system, Foreman Jose L. and his team installed a trench drain around the hot water heater to capture water and guide it to the TripleSafe sump pump system. 

  • WaterGuard Protects Moro, Illinois Basement
    WaterGuard Protects Moro, Illinois Basement

    Moro, Illinois homeowner Cynthia H. was troubled by water leaking into her basement where the floor meets the wall. The water created a musty environment and risked damaging her belongings store in the basement. To waterproof the basement, System Design Specialist John S. designed a solution.

    Foreman Jose L. installed WaterGuard, a perimeter drainage system. WaterGuard collects and guides water to the TripleSafe sump pump system. TripleSafe is equipped with three pumps to ensure the basement stays dry all the time.

  • Wall Anchors
    Wall Anchors

    The wall anchoring system is designed to hold a bowing in wall in place and stop further inward movement of the wall.

    The interior anchor plate is a large single plate attech to the DOUBLE earth anchor plate.  Engineers have caluclated the depth and distance the earth anchor needs to be for the proper working order of the wall anchoring system.  Soil undisturbed is dense and can stop the inward shifting of the loose soil inthe backfill area next to a basement foundation.

  • Geo-Lock Wall Anchor in O'Fallon, MO
    Geo-Lock Wall Anchor in O'Fallon, MO

    O' Fallon, Missouri homeowner Stuart had noticed cracks in his poured concrete foundation walls. He gave Woods Basement Systems a call and System Design Specialist Pete developed a plan for them. 

    Foreman Malik and his crew installed the Geo-Lock Wall Anchors for Stuart. The Geo-Lock Wall Anchors are steel rods that are drilled through the wall and 12 feet into the soil. They are then anchored on both ends, giving the wall the resistance it needs to pull the wall back to its original position. 

    Stuart and his family can now enjoy their basement without any worries. 

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