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    Jane P. of Webster Groves, MO

    Customer Testimonial

              I am sending this email after two days of very intense activity from your team. It is now Saturday night and I have to say, I am feeling good things about your team and what they delivered. I want to respond with my observations that I hope will be conveyed to those who supervise them. Please forgive me if I have misspelled names: Miguel, the team leader, was capable, courteous, and very much in charge in a very obvious team leader way. The other members of the team showed him respect but had no fear of him. Miguel was very communicative with us that needed to be informed but at the same time pulled his weight with physical labor which could have been perceived as beneath him as leader. Malik, the smallest of the crew but carried a leadership role. He was especially courteous, respectful, but showed skills that made him a very valuable asset to the team. He worked inside the building on the first day with very little direction but didn’t need it. On day two, when the team was one man down, his size and knowledge was an asset when he put a pier into a very small space with great ability. The next name I must start with an apology because I didn’t get a spelling. It sounded like Jenoah. He is tall, very willing to do whatever he was asked to do, and a good mixer of concrete, which was a skill he took pride in. On day one he spent lengthy time in deep holes which were very risky. Howard was here on day one. He was pleasant. He served us well with this prior job connections when we needed to have some of the flags/wires checked out by utilities. At the end of the day, as sun was setting for the second day in a row, they continued to be pleasant, cheerful and courteous. They have brought us through a difficult time with feelings of gratitude. Please acknowledge our gratitude to these workers.
    Jane P.
    Webster Groves, MO

Howard Ramsey from Woods Basement Systems, Inc.

Title: Installer

Howard Ramsey from Woods Basement Systems, Inc.

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