Billy Hale

Woods Basement Systems, Inc.

Title: Appointment Center Representative

Hometown: Granite City, IL

Billy Hale from Woods Basement Systems, Inc.

Spouse: Kevin

Children: Jesse, Adam, Mona, Cody, Amonni, Hedi and Gabi

Pets: Cherry (Dog) and Fat Boy (Cat)

Billy has past work experience being a hotel manager and medical assistant. She is exited to work with the Woods Basement Team to meet new people and learning new things! In her free time, Billy works as a Childrens Outreach Director and a Church Outreach Member. She also enjoys making jewelry and crafts.

Before and after photos from jobs I've worked on:
  • Waterproofing Illiopolis, Illinois Basement
    Waterproofing Illiopolis, Illinois Basement

    Waterproofing Illiopolis, Illinois Basement

    In Illiopolis, Illinois homeowner Rosella Y. was concerned about the leak that began in her basement after a storm. She had never dealt with a leaking basement and had never had problems in the past after any storms or severe weather. Lost and unsure, Rosella called Woods Basement Systems to help find a solution to keep her basement dry during all times of the year.

    Our foremen Tyler Sears and his team were sent out to the Saint Louis home to install the perfect solution to Rosellla’s problem. As waterproofing experts, we have several products to be installed to totally waterproof your home once and for all. In Rosella’s home we installed our WaterGuard system as well as our IceGuard. With these items in her basement, she will not have to worry about rainwater entering her home.

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