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Why Add an Egress Window?

Building codes require that finished basement living areas have an emergency egress - an egress window large enough to allow safe exit out of the space in case of an emergency. A large window well with a step in it must also be used outside the egress window.

Why Add an Egress Window? - Image 1


By installing an Egress window and window well, your home will not only provide a proper escape route and increase your chances of safety, but will also provide other entry ways for emergency crews.


With an Egress window, this window is significantly bigger than your standard window and this means that it will allow in more natural light

Style & Design

Egress windows are made of fiberglass while being made to look like real stone. They are rust and rot proof as well as have a cover, which will keep debris out, let sunlight in, and can support up to 500 pounds.

Added Value

By installing Egress windows will give you between 10 and 20 times of your installation cost back when selling your home. An Egress window will increase the value because of the value that it provides: easy exit, natural lighting, and is beautifully structured.

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