Work Requests in Affton

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Learn more about Woods Basement Systems' recent work requests in Affton, MO
Vicinity of Raleigh Dr in Saint Louis
Took our tile in a basement laundry room only to uncover water and mold. Need suggestions for fixing the area of water intrusion
Vicinity of Grantwood Ln in Affton
This person has filled out the Star Power Pro survey on that you sent them and is interested in another service you provide: crawl space repair. Please contact them to schedule a new appointment for this service. This is a no-charge lead.
Vicinity of Dulles Ct in St. Louis
Water coming into basement from driveway wall, originally only during significant rains, now happening during little rains as well
Vicinity of Autumn Dr in Saint Louis
In need of drain tile and sump pump.
Vicinity of Sterling Pl in Saint Louis
We had a sump pump fail and the basement flooded. Insurance covered the cleanup. While the walls and floor are still exposed, we would like a quote on more waterproofing ideas.
Vicinity of Mallory Dr in St Louis
Have a crack in my basement and its leaking water
Vicinity of Reavis Barracks Rd. in Affton
I have water leaking into the basement after heavy rains. Had a little flooding last summer when it rained for days on end and just last weekend. Not sure where it's coming from but what I'm hearing, hydrostatic pressure is an issue. Available this weekend if possible!
Vicinity of Howerton Drive in Saint Louis
Looking to have a sump pump and surroundings of the basement waterproofed fo address the water problems I am having around the basement.
Vicinity of Coral Drive in Saint Louis
Possible crack in foundation.
Vicinity of in Saint Louis
Vicinity of Benmore St in Saint Louis
Flooding in basement when it rains. Need to figure out how and where the water is getting in and fix leaks so the flooding stops and we can put in rooms in the basement.
Vicinity of Flamingo Drive in St. Louis
Water in basement when it rains, coming from crawl space.
Vicinity of Huntingdon Ln in Saint Louis
Basement is leaking water when it rains
Vicinity of Radio DR in Saint Louis
Need a Radon Mitigation system for a home sale.
Vicinity of Debra Court in Saint Louis
Basement wall leaking.
Vicinity of Lacewood Dr in Saint Louis
Water leaking into basement. Possibly due to hydrostatic pressure. Had leaking cracks repair in past, cracks now non leaking, but still having water leaking in basement. Water leaks only occur when raining.
Vicinity of Winthrop Court in Saint Louis
I have 4-5 cracks in my basement foundation. I was able to temporarily fix 3 of them by sealing with Quikrete on the exterior. The 4th & 5th one I cannot locate. There is some mold from an old crack behind the drywall on one crack. I need to figure out what is the best & most economical way to resolve this. (I do have photos if you need to see) Thank you.
Vicinity of Galena in Saint Louis
Bavk patio has sunk towards the basement windows and has cause water to come in the basement at the windows.
Vicinity of Hosmer in St. Louis
Can I send you a photo of the crack in question that is leaking rather than have you come out? We had Foundation Doctor out and they said we were better off leaving the crack go since it has been covered a long time ago with a compound rather than start to chisel it out. Hate to spend $95 for you to tell us the same tihing. Sandie Hea, RE/MAX Results 314-378-2387. Thank you.
Vicinity of Jackie Ln in Saint Louis
Cracks in walls I'm house. Right exterior wall is pulling away from foundation.
Vicinity of General Sheridan Lane in Affton
Provide additional insulation to attic to improve efficiency and reduce potential for moisture/condensation related damage in attic.
Vicinity of Fayette Ave in Saint Louis
Hello, there is a crack in the wall of my basement bathroom. When there is rain outside, water comes into my basement from that crack. What might be the cost estimate for that issue? Thanks
Vicinity of Benmore St in Saint Louis
Want to check basement on new house for foundation and water damage issues. There is a large crack across basement floor and a musty smell.
Vicinity of VINE AVE in Saint Louis
Would like professional assistance on why basement floor still wet after installing sump pump.
Vicinity of Willow Bend Dr in Saint Louis
15 x 20 foot crawl space under family room approximately 4 feet high has dirt floor with plastic sheet over dirt. See condensation under plastic & a musty order exists. Three vents to outside & A/C duct work serving family room in the crawl space. How best to improve this area & insulate walls, dirt floor & floor joists?
Vicinity of Troost St in St. Louis
I have a crawl space that I am looking to have a vapor barrier installed in.
Vicinity of Antrim Dr in Saint Louis
Leaking basement
Vicinity of Lacewood Dr in St Louis
Had cracks in wall repaired. Still getting water in basement from floor or around edge where floor meets the wall.
Vicinity of Lawnside Dr in Saint Louis
Basement flooding issues. Currently have an outdoor sump pump system but have now had two occasions where it has malfunctioned and has left the finished basement flooded. Need help please! Thanks!
Vicinity of Heatherton Dr in Saint Louis
I have a basement that gets wet from several distinct areas whenever their are sustained heavy rains. The problem seems to be getting worse...
Vicinity of Whitehaven Dr. in Saint Louis
Looking to have unfinished basement walls covered up to hide the foundation cracks that have been repaired.
Vicinity of Alpine Dr in Saint Louis
Possible foundation. Cracking in our ceiling
Vicinity of Southview Ln in St. Louis
I'm a new homeowner and my basement is leaking from every wall. Even coming in in the middle of a few walls. I would love to have someone come out and assess to give me a quote. Tuesdays work best for me.
Vicinity of Solar Lane in Saint Louis
There is water coming thru my window well into my basement when there is heavy rains
Vicinity of Charlton Lane in Saint Louis
Email preferred.... we have a cinder block foundation that leaks and has cracks. Looking for crack repair and waterproofing so we can finish the basement.
Vicinity of Courtois St in St. Louis
I've got some serious foundations issues in a house I'm buying.
Vicinity of Stonell Dr. in St. Louis
Cracks in plaster in bedrooms, leaking basement . I was told I need my foundation looked at. Thank you.
Vicinity of Whitehaven Drive in St. Louis
We need an estimate for an egress window in our basement bedroom.
Vicinity of Mathilda Ave in Saint Louis
I need someone to come out to give me a free estimate on my basement that floods whenever there is rain.
Vicinity of Bonnie Ave in Saint Louis
We have a leak in our basement that is going into a finished area and causing issues
Vicinity of Edgecliffe Dr in St Louis
Severe nail pops, drywall seams, outside cracks, and noise of cracking all the time..
Leaks at wall/floor joint on one wall area with heavy rains
Vicinity of Whitehaven Dr. in St. Louis
Water leaking along basement wall during heavy rain.
Vicinity of Grantview Forest Dr in St. Louis
Water in basement near foundation crack after heavy rain.
Vicinity of Neier Ave in Affton
I have a crack in my floor in the finished basement. We pulled the carpet back and water is seeping in through it.
Vicinity of Daisy Lane in St. Louis
Our basement bathroom floor has risen in various places. I'm not sure if it's a treeroot growing up, but the floor is cracking and it seems to be getting worse.
Vicinity of Fort Donelson Dr in Crestwood
Patio and garage concrete slab stabilization
Vicinity of Park Ridge Drive in St. Louis
My foundation is cracking and breaking off in places. The front stoop is sinking and separating from the house. The garage door doesn't close correctly. The garage was added on as an attachment and is separating from the house. I have not noticed any problems inside the house.
Vicinity of Lakeside Drive in St Louis
We have added on to our house, and now we see cracking in our plaster and in our tuckpointing around our main bathroom. We have done mudjacking before but not in the area that seems to be moving.
Vicinity of Vargas Dr. in St Louis
Price on sidewalk leveling and foundation repair
Vicinity of Coventry Lane in St. Louis
Water leaking from basement walls/window wells. Former waterproofing seems to no longer be working. Basement is finished but will def need to pull up carpet. Not sure what to do at this point.
Vicinity of Ashbury Road in Affton
We recently bought a house that had an elevated level of radon in the basement. We have a crawl space and dump pump as well as a drainage plate under the concrete floor to prevent flooding. We are hoping to have a vapor barrier installed in the crawl space and a radon fan/mitigation system to hopefully mitigate the radon.
Vicinity of Forman Rd in St Louis
Leaks in basement along base of the wall where it meets the floor.
Vicinity of Lenard Court in Saint Louis
Water is pouring into our basement. It appears to be coming up from the ground (from all of this rain) from beneath the foundation, however, there is no concrete in the spot where the water is coming from. I believe there should be concrete here. We are looking for an estimate to stop the leak(s) and install a sump pump.
Vicinity of Heege Rd in St Louis
Water seepage in basement between wall/floor Additional information: How did you hear about us?: Other Preferred Appointment Date: 05/05/2017 Preferred Appointment Time: 4pm-7pm
Vicinity of Tesson Ferry Road in STLouis
2nd time in 3 years getting ground water in basement I believe being caused by hydrostatic pressure
Vicinity of Darlene in Saint Louis
Our basement is wet. We would like someone to come in and tell us what's wrong and how much it's going to cost to fix please.
Vicinity of Zenith Dr. in St. Louis
We have some localized leaking in our basement after major rainstorms (such as this weekend April 29-30, 2017. The last time it leaked was during the New Years' Flood of 2015-2016.) Would like to see if there is a way to remedy the situation.
Vicinity of Hillhurst Ln in St. Louis
Basement has water seepage in corner during heavy rain.
Vicinity of Wolff Dr. in St. Louis
My entry slab to my doorway Dirt has washed away from underneath as well as the walkway to the front door needs to be leveled. call me as soon as you can thank you
Vicinity of Kingwood Drive in St. Louis
Basement keeps flooding with 1" water in a room where drain is. Water seeps into perimeter of next room frequently.
Vicinity of E Yorkshire Dr in St Louis
We have a 12" diagonal crack in one corner of the basement that has recently started to leak a very small amount of water. We have not noticed leaking previously and are interested in getting this crack repaired. I can provide pictures. Contact by e-mail is preferred before 4 P.M. on weekdays.
Vicinity of W KNollshire in St. Louis
Basement water leakage.
Vicinity of Upland Drive in Saint Louis
Water getting into basement, need to determine how to fix
Vicinity of Shea Dr in St Louis
Mitigation system install required for real estate sale, current level tested at 9.3 prefer email contact
Vicinity of Green Park Valley Dr in Green Park
Water leaking in our basement bathroom.
Vicinity of Raleigh Drive in Saint Louis
Wanted a estimate for the crawl space under the family room of this home It is about 12 x 15
Vicinity of Fleta St. in St. Louis
The concrete steps in both the front and back of the house are slanting towards the house. There are about 4 or so steps for both the front and back. The front steps lead up to a concrete slab at the front door (which seems to be level) and the back steps lead up to a wooden small patio at the back door (which seems to be level). We basically just need to get those steps even so the water stops getting directed straight into the basement.
Vicinity of Flores Dr in St. Louis
Heavy rain floods our basement. Comes in through the garage, under garage door... Trails of water come from several places along the walls. Sump pump seems to become overwhelm, same with the two drains...
Leak crack in side wall of basement
Vicinity of Bonnie in St. Louis
Water in basement after recent heavy rains
Vicinity of Weber Terrace in St Louis
Sinking driveway
Vicinity of Rhodes Avenue in Saint Louis
I am a real estate agent with a buyer who is purchasing this home. There are concerns with the basement and our inspection period ends tomorrow. I can send you the report and meet someone there today, tomorrow morning or early afternoon.
Vicinity of Maureen Ln. in Afton
Horizontal crack noticed in basement foundation wall. Crack was realized after a water leak occurred during heavy rain. Crack is behind wood wall paneling making it difficult to access full severity of crack. Would like to have the crack accessed and estimate. Thanks, Nick
Vicinity of Montague Court in Affton
Musty basement, looks like maybe seepage/ water seeping thru walls and floor
Vicinity of Lenard Ct. in Affton
Half bathroom downstairs is getting water and producing black mold in spots and causing the plaster to crumble.
Vicinity of Mackenzie Rd. in Saint Louis
Block foundation. When it rains, it leaks from several areas. Sewer sometimes backs up.
Vicinity of Delma in Affton
Slab going into garage has settled causing a 2 inch drop going in. I'm selling my house so this is something they are requesting to be fixed. I'm trying to avoid removal and replacement depending on cost. Thanks
Vicinity of Weber Terrace in Saint Louis
We are buying a house. Close on the 20th. We have a sump and floor drains that are working great. There is no sump pump however as the owners never had water in the sump. The last torrential rain almost filled it to the floor drains. We would like a quote on installing a pump and the drain to outside. Thanks!
Vicinity of Ashbury Drive in St. Louis
We had quite a bit of water in our finished basement over the summer and with the recent rains at Christmas. We have no drainage system in our basement right now at all (ie, sump pit/pump, drain tile, etc). We want to get the problem resolved.
Vicinity of Genesta St. in St. Louis
Interested in receiving a quote regarding the installation of a sump pump.
Vicinity of Cedarberry Place in St Louis
I need to fit the crack on the foudation
Vicinity of Zenith Drive in Saint Louis
Possibly add new channel for water to flow.
Vicinity of Overton Dr in SAINT LOUIS
I am in need of a sump pump but also have a few other leaks in the basement. House was built in 1940. Just looking for a bid at this time.
Vicinity of Lynbrook Drive in St. Louis
I have a crack where my steel support beam meets the foundation that goes the length of the foundation and is leaking.
Vicinity of Tiber Rd. in St. Louis
There is a crack in the foundation of my house, seen in the basement. When it rains water comes in.
Vicinity of Pardee Forest Dr (B) in St. Louis
Building is a condo, 4 units in this building. Water is seeping in between the brick line and the foundation. What do you do to fix this?
Vicinity of Francis Ct in St. Louis
I've notice a lot of significant cracks in my plaster walls and now have water leaks in my basement. Worried about the foundation sinking. Home built in the 40's and never had a water problem until a few years ago.
Vicinity of Judith Ln in Saint Louis
We have tested at a 4.4 during a radon test and need an estimate on how much it is going to cost to fix it.
Vicinity of Hale Dr in St. Louis
Would like to get an estimate for a foundation crack.
Vicinity of Grantwood Trails Court in Crestwood
Looking to install a basement egress window in an unfinished basement.
Vicinity of Weber Rd in Saint Louis
I would like an analysis/estimate to rectify my wet basement.
Vicinity of Rhodes Ave in Affton
We've recently had some water in our basement and were wanting someone to come out and help us determine the problem and provide an estimate for fixing it.
Vicinity of Koerber Lane in Affton
Just bought this house. rain water coming at at basement steps after heavy rains. these steps are (I believe) part of the old outside steps as an addition seems to have been added on. thank you
Vicinity of Heather Drive in Saint Louis
Driveway by garage door need to level (2 piece)
Vicinity of Hillhurst Lane in Saint Louis
We need to find out were a leak is coming from in our basement asap and you were referred to us! Thanks!
Vicinity of Fernald Drive in Saint Louis
Vertical crack in foundation near fireplace.
Vicinity of Greenholly Dr in St Louis
Vicinity of Mackenzie in Saint Louis
Foundation, leaking in basement
Vicinity of Maxwell Ave in Saint Louis
Vertical crack in basement wall in unfinished laundry area. When rain it leaks. No place for water to go. Looks like it was "repaired" before
Vicinity of Vasel Drive in Affton
I am looking for an egress window for my basement.
Vicinity of Demlont Street in St Louis
We have a concrete slab basement and it seems that over the years more and more water seems to make its way in. and we have recently noticed that one wall looks like it is slightly starting to bow out. So we are in the process of getting quotes to see which one will be the right fit. Thank you for your time.
Vicinity of Radiom in St. Louis
Would like to find out more about mitigation, not sure if we have elevated levels, would like to have a test done. An estimate on cost of testing would be most helpful. Thanks
Vicinity of Ashwell Drive in Saint Louis
I have 3 basement windows that are leaking. Two with window wells and one without.
Vicinity of Vine Ave. in Affton
My basement is leaking during heavy rain storms. I have a sump pump, but it does not seem to pump the water out.
Vicinity of Dar Ln. in St.Louis
Two walls are leaking in basement causing mold growth want mold removed and leaks fixed
Vicinity of Kingwood Dr in Saint Louis
Crawl space issues
Vicinity of Brinker Ave in Affton
I would like to see about getting an estimate for waterproofing my basement only. Please contact me by email.
Vicinity of Kingwood Street in St.Louis
Basement Floor & Wall Crack Repair water proofing
Vicinity of Fendale Dr. in St. Louis
We have water getting into our basement. We would like to have it waterproofed. Thanks.
Vicinity of Huegel Dr. in Saint Louis
I'm trying to sell my house and the buyers home inspection reported a crack. They are requesting either interior Hydroaulic cement or exterior Bentonite be applied. I have never had this area leak ever and it is the smallest crack. however, can i get a quote on how much it would cost to "fix" this problem.
Vicinity of Faber St in Affton
Bought home last year built in 1954, want to finish basement but leaks during heavy rains.
Vicinity of Darlene Drive in Saint Louis
There are cracks in the basement walls, stair step cracks in the brick mortar and cracks starting in the paster on the upper level. Please call ASAP to schedule an evaluation and an estimate. Thank you!
Vicinity of Faraday Dr in Saint Louis
Looking for an estimate on my basement leakage.
Vicinity of Grasso in Saint Louis
Would like quote to pier detached garage, settlement at front entrance.
Vicinity of Courtois in Saint Louis
1950's poured basement. Front wall is tilting in roughly 8-10" on the top. Also rear addition was built on patio blocks, needs to be jacked and proper piers poured.
Vicinity of Radiom Dr in Saint Louis
Some minor cracks have appeared in our foundation over the past few months.
Vicinity of Vasel in Saint Louis
I'm noticing wet carpet in my finished basement. This house has no sump pump. I just moved in in June and this concerns me.
Vicinity of Southview in Saint Louis
Radon mitigation
Vicinity of Hillhurst Lane in St. Louis
I have noticed a leak in my basement for the past 2 weeks. It looks like it is coming in near where the gas line comes in the house.
Vicinity of Ashbury Drive in Affton
We have a finished basement that has leaks. We've been told it's hydrostatic pressure and should install a water proofing system. We would like to inquire about prices for a system as well as refinishing the basement. We have an existing full bathroom in the basement that we do NOT want to remove. We are looking to re-finish the basement so we can use it for an entertainment space as well as storage.
Vicinity of Slevin Lane in Saint Louis
I would like to have a crack in my garage foundation fixed.
Vicinity of VITA DRIVE in ST.LOUIS
Vicinity of Mackenzie Road in Afton
I have cracking in a block foundation wall and water coming into this basement from wrong drainage or no sump pump. Looking for your free estimate and recomendations. Thank you.
Vicinity of S. Laclede Station Rd in St. Louis
We have water running into our basement and outer stiarwell wall is in very bad shape. We are concerned about our foundation and wet basement.
Vicinity of Idamor Lane in St. Louis
We would like a quote for a interior drain tile system with sump pump for our basement.
Vicinity of Fort Donelson in Crestwood
I have a window well that is filling up with water, as well as leaking through the concrete around the window. I beleive the previous owners (I am new to this house) had topography done that was supposed to slope the land away from the house but it doesn't seem to be helping in this area of the basement.
Vicinity of Hannover Cts in St. Louis
I have a small leak in the basement. I would like to get a quote to fix this issue. Thanks.