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Improve HVAC efficiency and home comfort with expert duct sealing

Learn how properly sealing ducts in the attic can prevent air leakage and improve comfort and efficiency.

Your ductwork system is how the air you pay to heat and cool moves throughout your home, meaning any inefficiencies in that system will have a direct impact on your home's comfort and energy efficiency. Air leaks are exceptionally common in ducts, which is why duct sealing is such a valuable home energy upgrade.

At Woods Basement Systems, Inc., we specialize in providing expert duct sealing services for improved efficiency and home comfort. If you're interested in reducing your home's heating and cooling costs, call us today at 1-844-204-8198 or click below to get started. We offer free estimates on all our work in O' Fallon, Belleville, Florissant and the nearby areas.

Common ductwork problems in Greater St. Louis

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Many ductwork systems combine flexible ducts with rigid sheet metal ductwork, as shown here. The uninsulated sheet metal duct has no protection from extreme attic temperatures that make the HVAC system work harder and longer than necessary.

  • Leaky ducts: Air leaks in ducts are very common and can diminish the efficiency of your HVAC system by as much as 40%. It doesn't make sense for air that you've paid to heat or cool to leak into an attic, basement or crawl space through gaps and cracks in your supply ducts. And it's not healthy to breathe crawl space or attic air that's sucked into leaky return ducts and then circulated back to your living space. Fortunately, these problems can be corrected by sealing your ductwork system.
  • Uninsulated or poorly insulated ducts: Uninsulated ducts waste a tremendous amount of energy. Just think about what happens in the winter, when your HVAC system is blowing heated air through uninsulated ducts located in a frigid attic! Before your HVAC system can heat your living space, it must first heat up the attic ductwork. In the summer, you're blowing chilled air through the same uninsulated ductwork, that's been heated to about 120 degrees.
  • Imbalanced ductwork: Imbalanced ductwork wastes energy while also creating areas in your house that are too hot or too cold. Balance problems occur when the amount of air delivered through supply ducts doesn't match the amount of air drawn in through your return ducts. This typically occurs because of improper location and size of supply and return ducts.
  • Safety: Pressure imbalances caused by air duct leakage can lead to backdrafting in combustion appliances such as furnaces, wood stoves and gas ranges. When this happens, you risk exposure to carbon monoxide.

Expert duct repair services from Woods Basement Systems, Inc.

  • Free ductwork inspection to check for different ductwork problems.
  • Free estimates for all recommended ductwork repairs.
  • Comprehensive duct repairs completed by trained home energy technicians.
  • Free assessment of related comfort and energy factors such as insulation, air leakage, and HVAC equipment.

Improve efficiency with duct sealing for your home today

If you're having issues with uncomfortable rooms in your home or are concerned about your HVAC efficiency, the home energy experts at Woods Basement Systems, Inc. are here to help. Our experienced professionals will evaluate your home and recommend the right solutions for your needs. Call us today at 1-844-204-8198 or contact us online to get a free estimate on duct sealing for your home in O' Fallon, Belleville, Florissant, Decatur, Ballwin, Belleville, Champaign, St. Peters, Saint Louis and the surrounding areas.

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