Insulation Services Case Studies: Attic Insulation in Bridgeton, MO Resolves Longstanding Energy and Comfort Issues

Friday, September 13th, 2013 by Melissa Bednarz


These Bridgeton, MO homeowners contacted Dr. Energy Saver in hopes of "updating" their attic insulation. They've lived in their home for more than 25 years and had never given their attic a second thought until they realized an under-insulated attic may be the cause of their rising utility bills. Dr. Energy Saver's BPI Certified Building Analyst, Chad, uncovered several areas needing improvement, including:

The home’s original blown attic insulation was less than sufficient, at roughly an R-9 (a mere four inches) of insulation.

Most of the conditioned air these Bridgeton, MO homeowners were paying to heat and cool was leaking into their unconditioned, poorly insulated attic---it's no wonder their heating and cooling system seemed to be continuously running!

The exhaust fan on their main level was not vented properly---not vented at all, as a matter of fact!


To bring the insufficient blown fiberglass insulation up to recommended R-49 levels, Dr. Energy Saver added 14 inches of loose-fill fiberglass. Air sealed and insulated dams were built around the attic access, as well as the whole-house attic fan, to ensure these areas are sealed tight, and the blown insulation stayed where it needed to be.

Before adding additional attic insulation, Dr. Energy Saver air sealed all of the home’s top plates using one-part expanding foam. This action prevents the home’s conditioned air from leaking into the unconditioned attic. The term “top plates” refers to the horizontal framing which runs along the top of the wall joists. Top plates are commonly found to be one of the leakiest areas in a home.

To address the health, safety and structural durability in the home, Dr. Energy Saver’s foreman, Jim, also created proper ventilation for the home’s bathroom exhaust fan by installing a gable vent and connecting exhaust duct. He also prevented a fire by sealing and damming around a high temperature penetration what was formerly covered with blown attic insulation. Now exhaust air, moisture and fumes will be terminated to the outside of the home as they should be.

Project Summary

Installing Contractor: Dr. Energy Saver St. Louis

BPI Certified Building Analyst: Chad Kues

Production Foreman: Jim Jones

Services Utilized: Air Sealing, Attic Insulation, Insulation Daming, Bath Exhaust Ventilation

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