Work Requests in University City

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Learn more about Woods Basement Systems' recent work requests in University City, MO
Vicinity of University Dr in Saint Louis
We have a closed off area under the porch of our house. In the basement it leaks inside that room. Not sure how to stop the water leaking into that section of the basement.
Danielle U. , IL
We have an unfinished basement that needs to be resealed and would appreciate an estimate. Additional information: Quick Contact Form: This lead was received through the Quick Contact Form on your website. Please respond as soon as possible.
Vicinity of Blackberry Ave in Saint Louis
I am looking to purchase 7815 Blackberry Ave. In the basement there is a huge horizontal crack in the foundation and the sub floor is not level so looking to see how much it would cost to fix the crack in the foundation and to level the sub floor under the crawl space.
Vicinity of Tulane Avenue in University City
Concrete block basement leaks would like to stop leaking
Semaj W. Saint Louis, MO
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Vicinity of Crest Ave in Saint Louis
Basement foundation repair needed. Quote request.
Vicinity of Washington Ave. in Saint Louis
Water in unfinished basement in medium to heavy rains. It runs into a drain in the middle of the floor, so not a flooding issue, but we want it resolved.
Vicinity of Lafon Place in University City
We have a patio that has settled and cracked. We want it fixed for good. were also want you to do a service check of our sump pump.
Vicinity of BARTMER AVENUE in Saint Louis
On heavy rain days I get water.
Vicinity of University Dr in University City
I would like to have a home tested for radon and an estimate for waterproofing the basement.
Vicinity of Cornell Avenue in Saint Louis
I have water that leaks in my basement from the front of house and the side of the house. This happens with large rain fall situations.
Vicinity of Lindell Blvd. in Saint Louis
Brick garage wall is badly cracking and mason suggested it is a foundation issue
Vicinity of Stanford in Saint Louis
Water seeping into the basement.
Vicinity of Waterman in Saint Louis
Interested in getting quote to fix water leaking in basement and general cleanup/remodel of basement area.
Vicinity of Kingsbury Blvd in Saint Louis
I am looking to water proof my basement garage, and repair exterior brick foundation shift. This was repaired before I bought the house with piers but cosmetically bricks are still cracked.
Vicinity of Westgate Ave. in Saint Louis
About a year ago, our basement floor started heaving in a semi-central location. It seemed to stabilize over the summer, but is now getting worse. We'd like to figure out what's going on and fix it.
Vicinity of Amherst Ave in Saint Louis
I have water in my basement and it's coming from a wall and the floor.
Vicinity of Hawthorne Pl in Saint Louis
Wanted to get a quote on air sealing my home as a first option before installing a whole house humidifier. I may want a quote to seal a couple basement cracks as well.
Vicinity of Plymouth in Saint Louis
Water comes in through basement
Vicinity of Abbeville Dr in Saint Louis
Vicinity of Cambridge Ave in Saint Louis
My mostly unfinished basement is having some leaking around the cove joint/a series of small cracks on the floor. Its promoting mold growth around the edge of the wall. My home was built in the 60s.
Vicinity of Gannon Ave in University City
I would want someone to evaluate waterproofing and basement flooring finish.
Vicinity of Pershing Ave in Saint Louis
Water coming in through cracks in unfinished concrete basement flooring during heavy rains. Also additional, but lesser, amounts of water enter basement from northwest wall/corner during heavy rains.
Vicinity of Cambridge Ave in St. Louis
Semi-finished basement - want to make it into actual living space.
Vicinity of Cornell Ave in University City
I have a leak of clean water in corner of basement and also want to discuss foundation performance and support of home. Limestone foundation on old home.
Vicinity of Dartmouth Ave in University City
I'd like to some to take look ASAP. When it rains, water comes thru my basement. I'd like to get a bid on that to fix it. Thanks!
Vicinity of Westmoreland Drive in St. Louis
Basement stone walls issues
Vicinity of Tulane Lane in Saint Louis
I am trying to get an estimate as quick as possible. Please let me know the fast avaliability Additional information: How did you hear about us?: Referral Preferred Appointment Date: 07/13/2018
Vicinity of Drexel Drive in St. Louis
Hello, I'm looking for an estimate to replace three old windows in my basement. Thank you.
Vicinity of Warder Ave in University City
I was cleaning out my basement over the weekend and found drywall that separates my finished and unfinished sections of the basement was wet. The edge of the drywall is up against my foundation which is stone from the 1930s. I cannot see where water is seeping in from and need help removing drywall, sealing foundation and replacing drywall.
Vicinity of Stanford Ave. in University City
Cracked and bowing wall; concrete block with cement coating; outside wall of stairwell to basement: not part of foundation;approx. 9' long and 6' high.
Vicinity of Wellington in University City
We have an addition on house (main floor and basement). New basement continues to have water problems - if it rains a little we are ok - if it rains a lot - we have water. If we have area flooding (River Des Peres) we have major water. Probably need a sump pump system
Vicinity of Stanford Ave in St Louis
Ground water pushing up through cracks in basement floor during heavy rain
Vicinity of Dartmouth Ave in Saint Louis
Old house, and most of the basement in reasonable shape of dryness. Except for one side. The mortar is crumbling off a bit, and there is some specific places where water does seep in when there's continuous heavy rains. I want to patch up those areas, patch up all the bad mortared area, including any issues on the floor - and waterproof the walls. I did the southern eastern corner of the basement this way myself. I do not have the time to do this myself anymore on the northern side. So please come in and provide me with a quote.
Vicinity of Maryland Ave in University City
Basement leaks water during hard rain. Want to discuss options. Thanks
Vicinity of Washington in University City,
My house is over 100 years old with a stone foundation. It is showing pretty heavy signs of deterioration and I want to find out what can be done to stop it and also fix it.
Vicinity of Barkley Square in St. Louis
Looking to replace our old sump pump.
Vicinity of Lynn Ave in Saint Louis
I'm interested in remodeling my basement into a living area for myself , I wanted to know if I quality for financing.
Vicinity of Clemens Ave. in St.Louis
I need to see if my building needs an underpinning done or if the building has finished settling.
Vicinity of Swarthmore in St Louis
Leaking and need renovations
Vicinity of Amherst Avenue in University City
A very small wet spot appears on the basement carpet near the baseboard about 1-2 times a year when there are heavy rains. I'm not sure if the drains simply need to be extended further away from the house, if there are additional waterproofing steps we can take to help water stay away from the foundation, or if the problem is something more serious - although I highly doubt the latter. I'm just looking for some professional information on what we can do. Thanks.
Vicinity of Wayne Avenue in University City
I just purchased a home built in the 1940s. The floor is uneven and there are cracks in the basement wall. The driveway has shifted and so has the sidewalk in front of the house. The most pressing issue is the cracks in the wall. The seller has indicated during heavy rainfall the basement can flood.
Vicinity of Maryland in University City
Rear wall needs piering. Foundation is stone and brick.
Vicinity of Shaftesbury Ave in University City
Basement wet during heavy rain. Seeps in where wall meets basement floor, especially on west side of house. Would like quote to waterproof basement.
Vicinity of Nob Hill Lane in University City
Foundation repair. I have some cracks in the walls.
Vicinity of Blackberry Ave in St Louis
Leak in basement, coming from the crawl space. There is some water pooling in one corner of the space. Assuming foundation crack...looking for a repair estimate. Thank you!
Vicinity of Melrose in University City
Small leak at the baseboard
Vicinity of Saleen in Saint Louis
Walking in a puddle of water in basement-carpet has mold.
Vicinity of Westmoreland Dr in St Louis
Looking for a price on water proofing basement with a sump pump. Also, I need two covers over the window wells.
Vicinity of Crest in University City
I have a post in my basement that was wet before the issue was fixed the post is now dry but needs replacing.
Vicinity of Lindell Blvd in University City
We have dampness along the edges of a concrete patch over a trench that was dug for a repair by a previous owner. We would like to put flooring down and want to be sure these areas are water tight. We also have dampness along the stairs from our basement to the outside (which were exterior until an addition enclosed them), We would like an estimate to waterproof these places. Thank you.
Vicinity of Bartmer Avenue in St. Louis
We are considering purchasing a home and there are some issues in the basement we would like to know more about and what it would cost to fix it.
Vicinity of STRATFORD AVE in Saint Louis
We have had one trouble spot for sometime with quite a bit of mold, and with recent rain sump pump was overwhelmed and we had much more water come in basement in several areas. Need quote for clean up and waterproofing.
Vicinity of Wayne in St Louis
Water driping from top of foundation at the back of the house. water seeping in the foundation at the front of the house
Vicinity of Kingsbury Blvd in University City
Our basement leaks significantly.
Vicinity of Cornell Ave in University City
Our house was built in 1935. The basement is old and lets water in during heavy rain. we would like to have it all professionally finished so that we can enjoy the space with our young son.
Vicinity of Warren Avenue in Saint Louis
We have water coming into the basement during heavy rains. Our west facing wall is where the water is getting in and bubbling up the plaster.
Vicinity of Crest Ave in Saint Louis
Water in basement, foundation concerns. I have an old house.
Vicinity of DARTMOUTH in ST. LOUIS
My basement wall looks like your Photo Album that says concrete shrinkage in Mehlville, MO.
Vicinity of Ahern Avenue in St. Louis
Sagging floor in addition over a crawl space.
Vicinity of Stanford Avenue in St Louis
Our home is 76 years old and the unfinished concrete basement leaks in multiple places during hard rains. We would like an estimate on waterproofing the walls.
Vicinity of Crystal Ct in Saint Louis
Basement leaks when it rains in same spot. Also interested in floating floor if possible.
Vicinity of Westminster Place in Saint Louis
The basement in our 90 year old home in Parkview has been leaking on one side of the house. Water is coming through the cracks between the limestone in the wall in the unfinished portion of the basement and has resulted in mold at the bottom of the wood paneling in the finished portion of the basement. It is unclear how long this has been a problem, as we only moved in in April.
Vicinity of Quendo in Saint Louis
Musty smell, damp feel, and some peeling paint on the basement walls. Need an evaluation and estimate for repair. Thursday afternoon is a good time for me. Thanks.
Vicinity of Glenside Place in St. Louis
Water coming in basement from a crack on side of the house.
Vicinity of Stanford Ave in University City
During a heavy rainstorm, I recently noticed water entering our basement behind some drywall, which appears to be coming from an exterior wall. I would like a quote on fixing the issue. Thanks!
Vicinity of Washington Ave in University City
Heavy rains cause the basement wall and floor to leak in the front of the house.
Vicinity of TRENTON AVE. in Saint Louis
Need sump installed would like a free quote on cost for installation
Vicinity of Lindell Blvd. in Saint Louis
Need to have the front of my house and the east side of my house waterproofed with tar or something similar.
Vicinity of Liberty Avenue in St. Louis
We are interested in possibly finishing our basement but we have some problems with water seeping up through the floor and we were interested in possible waterproofing solutions.
Vicinity of Gannon Ave. in St. Louis
Interested in a quote for the solution you would provide for a half finished basement. Thanks
Vicinity of Watts Ave in St. Louis
Water leaking into basement. Lateral sewer line broken. Water Co will not come out
Vicinity of Lafon Place in St. Louis
Lots of water in my basement. Would like a quote.
Vicinity of Trenton Ave in UCity
Our basement has a crack which allows rainwater in. Would like it inspected and need a quote to fix it.
Vicinity of Pershing Ave in St. Louis
Looking at getting an estimate to deal with a wet basement as well as might need some advice (or estimate) on a settling front porch. Thanks.