Work Requests in Warrenton

Woods Basement Systems, Inc. is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Warrenton. Learn more about Woods Basement Systems, Inc.'s recent work requests in Warrenton and nearby areas!

Learn more about Woods Basement Systems' recent work requests in Warrenton, MO
Vicinity of Meadowlark E in Warrenton
Need estimate on settling caonctere slab foundation
Vicinity of Jason Kyle Dr in Warrenton
Water leaks through small crack in foundation wall in heavy rain
Vicinity of Squaw Ct in Warrenton
Safe exit window, sump pump service, and finishing
Vicinity of in Warrenton
I have concerns with my crawlspace. The house seems to be sinking. I recently had two new supports installed, but the problem still seems to be occurring.
Vicinity of Arapaho Drive in Warrenton
I found a crack in my foundation and was needing a second opinion, and possibly a general walk around of the property to look for any more cracks or weak spots that may be in the foundation. Could you do this?
Vicinity of Lake Point Drive, Woodridge Lake Estates in Warrenton
We have some moisture in basement, seems to be seepage along front wall on street side of house. This huge amount of rain we are having has exacerbated the problem! Usually fairly dry, but with this rain we have lots more moisture and basement is about 80% finished.
Vicinity of N. Morgan in Warrenton
I have a basement wall that is leaning in and needs fixed.
Vicinity of in Warrenton
Drywall cracks, foundation dropped about an inch, cracks in brick veneer.
Vicinity of Fairlane Acres in Warrenton
My basement is leaking water. There are two large cracks in the foundation. I am looking for an estimate to repair the cracks. Thank you!
Vicinity of Warrior Ridge CT in Warrenton
Looking to finish our basement
Vicinity of Rainbow Dr in Warrenton
We had you waterproof the cracks in the walls of our basement in June 2012. We are now dealing with severe drought damage to our basement floor and a huge water problem under the basement floor and it is seeping up the seams between the original floor and the patches you put in. You came out last week and replaced one large patch that was disintegrating on the edges and under it was a good sized puddle of water. Your service man said we needed a sump pump. Could you please give me an estimate on that and what could possibly be done about the cazillion huge cracks in the floor from the drought. Thank you. I live in Liberty, MO and need at least a days notice to meet you at the house in Warrenton.
Vicinity of Rainbow Dr. in Warrenton
In June, 2012 your company fixed several large cracks in our basement walls and did a great job. Question/Problem: The drought did a number on our garage and driveway and sidewalk. Huge full depth concrete cracks/heaving/tilting of huge slabs of concrete. I doubt that your company does this type of work but thought I'd ask. If not, do you have any recommendations of someone who could help me? Thanks for any information you can pass along. An email response is just fine.
Vicinity of Arlington in Warrenton
Wall leaning in- apartment complex in Warrenton missouri-Virgilia Village
Vicinity of Rainbow Dr. in Warrenton
Multiple cracks on walls and floor of basement. One leaks when it rains. 38 year old home, poured concrete full basement. Needing to sell house due to death.
Vicinity of Rainbow Drive in Warrenton
I have foundation issues: cracks in my ceiling; doors not closing correctly; basement floor w/cracks and some leaking. I am getting ready to remodel the basement and was wanting to get an estimate of what the foundation repair would cost. thank you.
Vicinity of in Warrenton
I have a damp basement and I need to figure out how to dry it up because I would like to finish the basement.
Vicinity of Santa Maria Drive in Warrenton
I have a street creep problem for which I have already relieved a great deal of the pressure. However, the rear foundation wall of my garage needs to be anchored and pulled back, then sealed. I am requesting several estimates and would appreciate one from your company, as you are an 97.1 FM talk advertiser. The best times for appointments for estimates are in the evening hours or on weekends. I am available for contact at any time. The number listed will ring my work and cell phones.