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Illinois Department of Transportation chooses Woods Basement Systems: Hazardous highway restored with PolyLEVEL

Woods Basement Systems is honored to work with the Illinois Department of Transportation to repair a hazardous highway.

Collinsville, IL - June 3, 2016

     Woods Basement Systems is honored to work with the Illinois Department of Transportation to repair a hazardous highway. After careful consideration, PolyLEVEL was chosen as the fastest and most economical solution.

     At the Interstate 64 and Illinois Highway 158 crossover in O’Fallon, Illinois, the concrete supporting the highway began to settle. The settling concrete caused cracking and made the roadway uneven and hazardous to drivers.

     IDOT’s traditional method of repair, replacement would have cost over one hundred thousand dollars and taken several days to complete. Thanks to PolyLEVEL, the highway was restored within hours and the cost was a small fraction of the replacement cost. The PolyLEVEL injection holes are noninvasive and efficient. Only one lane of traffic was closed during the restoration. Within hours, both lanes were open.

                                         IDOT PolyLEVEL Injections   

     Because concrete and the load it bears is heavy, and drainage systems sometimes fail, allowing water to collect under the concrete, the soil beneath it begins to settle over time. Whether on roadways or walkways, this settling causes cracking and unevenness and can be dangerous. Lightweight, but strong, the dense PolyLEVEL foam is a long-lasting, waterproof solution to restore any walkway, driveway or highway to a safe passageway.

     Think PolyLEVEL can’t get any better? It is also environmentally friendly! It does not interact with the soil to release chemicals, and because it’s waterproof, it will not wash away.

     PolyLEVEL is trusted by many home and business owners in Central Illinois and Eastern Missouri. IDOT was thrilled with the results of PolyLEVEL, and could see it being used in future road repairs.

To learn more about PolyLEVEL and how it works, or to request a free estimate please contact us at 1-844-254-7212.

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