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Wet Basements, Inside Out!

In this segment John Shea interviews Dave Thompson of Wood's Basement Systems concerning the recent weather's effects on the home. Between the drought from the past season and the harsh winter we just experienced, our local homes have come under fire from increased moisture levels, severe cold, and high winds. Learn more about how Wood's Basement Systems can help you mitigate these circumstances with their wide variety of products and solutions.

Rainwater in your Basement or Crawlspace?

If rainwater is getting somewhere it shouldn’t, call the basement and crawlspace and foundation experts at Woods Basement Systems. We’ll give you a no obligation estimate to fix the problem permanently. Don’t let basement or crawlspace water problems steal your home’s value, call Woods today for a Free Estimate!

Dry, useable basement for years!

This is Favazz and it's been years since you've heard me complain about my wet basement, because I had Woods Basement Systems fix it. Now my basement is dry and I love using it all the time.
Hey this is Drew Johnson and Woods Basement Systems fixed my wet basement this past fall.
Jamie Allman here. Woods, fixed my wet basement problem six years ago and it's been dry ever since.
This is Mark Klose and Woods Basement Systems fixed my wet basement problem 10 years ago.
So now if you're dealing with a wet basement problem you know what to do. Call Woods for a Free Estimate! You'll even get a written transferable warranty on their work!

Foundation issues?

What are the signs of a Foundation Problem? Cracks can be on outside masonry or inside drywall. They can be in block or poured concrete - they can be vertical or horizontal. But they all have two things in common - one they get worse if you ignore them and two they keep stealing the value of your home until you get them fixed. Call Woods for a Free Estimate!

Rain rain stay away!

We had all that rain over the weekend and I was out of town and I talked to my mother-in-law, "hey you want me to check the house make sure everything is OK?" "Nope you don't need to!" I haven't needed to for years now because of Woods Basement Systems. I'm talking about "All Things Basementy" as Woods likes to say - Waterproofing, Finishing, Foundation Repair, Egress Windows, Nasty Crawl Spaces they take care of it all.

And for me, a long time ago we did have a problem, 'cause it would rain and I'd be sitting at work and it'd be night time or whatever and I'd have to go down and check the basement and low and behold there would be water in the basement. And it was a nightmare. Any of you who have had to deal with water in the basement you know exactly what I'm talking about. So I called in the Woods guys and they gave me a waterproofing system that to this day has kept absolutely every single drop out of my basement. So much so that once they were done waterproofing my basement I invested like 25 grand in renovation in my basement. I was that confident and remain so today of how Woods Basement Systems takes good care of all of your waterproofing needs.

Looking for a price? Get a no cost, no obligation free estimate.

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