Foundation Repair Photo Album: Foundation Repair with GeoLock and PowerBrace

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A home in Sparta, Illinois owned by Wanda R. was having problems with it’s foundation and needed some wall support. Wanda had noticed over the years that the walls of her foundation were beginning to crack and spread larger every year. Unsure of what to do to fix it, she decided to call Woods Basement Systems. Woods Basement Systems has a solution to any foundation problem you may have, and can customize that solution to fit your home perfectly.

We sent our foreman Christopher Forbus and his team out to the home to install the perfect solution, PowerBrace and GeoLock. PowerBrace is one of our patented wall straightening and support systems. Over time, this will help support the wall moving it back to its original position. This will ensure that Wanda’s home will be safe and stable for years to come.

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