Woods Basement Systems, Inc. Case Studies: Waterproofing and Wall Anchors in Champaign, IL

Monday, June 30th, 2014 by Stacie Ellis


A Champaign, IL resident was tired of dealing with the headache of having water in his basement every time it rained.  The foundation walls had cracks and were slightly bowing, which is where the water would enter into the basement.  The sump pump was unable to keep up with the amount of water coming in due to clogged pipes from dirt and debris.  This was a big problem for the resident because the water was not being pumped out and away from his home like it should have been.


 Woods Basement Systems first installed Geo-Lock Wall Anchors to stabilize the walls and prevent them from cracking or bowing any further.  Then they waterproofed the basement by installing WaterGuard and a SuperSump. 

The Geo-Lock Wall Anchor System consists of a heavy-duty steel anchor that is driven deep into the soil outside of the home.  Steel plates are installed on the interior of the foundation walls and are connected to the anchors with galvanized steel rods.  Once installed, wall anchors hold walls in their current position without any further adjustment.  They also have the ability to be tightened, allowing for possible improvement and straightening of the walls over time.

The first step to installing WaterGuard is to remove the concrete along the inside perimeter of the basement.  WaterGuard sits on top of the footing rather than beside it, so it doesn’t get clogged with soil and other sediments.  WaterGuard has a special wall flange that creates space between the floor and the wall to drain any wall seepage without allowing dirt and debris from the floor to enter. 

The SuperSump includes the most reliable pump available, a WaterWatch alarm system, and an airtight lid.  It can pump up to 2,650 gallons per hour smoothly and quietly.  It resists clogging and can pump up to ½” solids.  The SuperSump is guaranteed to perform reliably for many years.

The resident was happy with the work done by Woods and enjoyed having a dry basement all the time.

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