Woods Basement Systems, Inc. Case Studies: DryTrak Installation in Danville, IL

Monday, June 30th, 2014 by Stacie Ellis


A resident of Danville, IL wanted a permanent waterproof solution to his wet basement.  The walls had begun to crack and slightly bow, resulting in water leakage during heavy rains.  The homeowner wanted to keep his basement dry all the time and also fix the bowing walls.


Woods Basement Systems installed Geo-Lock Wall Anchors in order to stabilize the walls and close up any cracks.  Steel anchors are installed on the exterior of the home in a stable layer of soil.  Galvanized steel rods are driven through small holes in the interior of the home and are connected to the anchors.  Wall Anchors prevent any further bowing of the walls and provide an opportunity for the walls to straighten over time.

In regards to waterproofing, DryTrak is the logical solution for a wet basement with a monolithic foundation, meaning the footing and floor are one piece.  The DryTrak system combines superior materials and practical design to remove water seepage from the floor-wall joint and direct it to the sump pump.  It will never clog because it is not sitting in the mud.  DryTrak is effective on all types of foundations, including poured concrete, brick, block, and stone.  The DryTrak system keeps basements dry so they can be used for storage space, recreational purposes, or additional living space.

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