Woods Basement Systems, Inc. Case Studies: Wall Anchor and Power Brace Installation in Effingham, IL

Monday, May 9th, 2016 by Jordan Link


Brent B. had two adjacent walls with diagonal cracks beginning in the bottom corner, going all the way to the top of the wall. This is a telltale sign of wall failure, which could have derived from improper drainage outside, where water collects after rain. Ignoring wall craks in the basement is not recommended, as over time these cracks can grow larger, and provide more problems, like become avenues for water leaks, or completely cave in. In that case, the foundation would need to be replaced, and that is more expensive than preventative work. Brent contacted Woods Basement Systems to find a solution suitable to his needs. 


The best solution for this homeowner were to use the Geo-Lock™ Wall Anchors and the PowerBrace™ System. The Geo-Lock™ Wall Anchors are the recommended solution to wall failure, though homes do not always have the sufficient room to install the wall anchors. Installing the wall anchors requires at least 12 feet of space from the outside wall, and if that is not available, the PowerBrace™ System is recommended, as it is a similar repair strategy to the wall anchors. 

Geo-Lock™ Wall Anchors: These wall anchors include metal plates, which were placed on the wall with large metal rods reaching outside into the yard underground, fixated to anchors that prevent the wall from bowing in and may correct any bowing that has already occurred. Where we dug the hole for the outside anchor, we replaced the dirt and sod for a virtually unnoticeable finish. On one wall, the wall anchors were the best solution. The wall anchors would stabilize the wall and give it the support it needs. If the wall had any bowing damage, the wall anchors may be able to straighten the wall over time. 

On the other wall, the wall anchors were not a possiblity. The home was too close to a neighbor's yard, so there was not enough room to anchor the metal plates on that wall. The other solution was to use the PowerBrace™ System.

PowerBrace™ System: These metal supports were placed against the damaged wall and bolted down to ensure they do not move, as it supports the wall. The PowerBrace™ System will also allow for wall straightening by a patented adjustment mechanism, which can be tightened over time to advance the brace.

Since these problems were taken care of, the corner in the basement now has support from both walls and the walls have the extra support they need to help prevent further damage. 

Project Summary

Primary Foreman: Todd Wells

System Design Specialist: Kevin Estes

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