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Replacing Incandescent Bulbs with Economical LED Bulbs

By now we've heard of the benefits and energy savings from LED lighting, but many of us haven't made the switch for a single reason: LED bulbs are more expensive. Did you ever wonder exactly how much you could save by replacing your old incandescent bulbs with LED lights? Are LED lights a good investment? While replacing this homeowner's inefficient bulbs with LED, Larry Janesky, owner and president of Dr. Energy Saver does the math.

If you keep your lights on for an average of 4 hours a day, replacing a single incandescent bulb -- which consumes 65 Watts per hour -- with an LED bulb consuming only 7.2 Watts per hour to produce equivalent light output will help you save 81.2 KW/Hour per year, per bulb! 

Also, unlike incandescent bulbs, LED lights don't produce a lot of heat, making it easier for your air conditioner system to keep your home comfortable in the summer. Investing in LED lights pays for itself in about 2.5 years. A LED bulb lasts 20 times longer than conventional incandescent bulbs, which last an average of 20,000 hours. That is 20 less light bulb replacements, and some extra cash in your pocket every month!

If you would like to learn about energy efficient lighting and many other ways to go green and lower your energy bills, visit our website, or call Dr. Energy Saver for a comprehensive Home Energy Audit.

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