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How to Fix Street Creep

Street Creep is the expansion and contraction of the concrete pavement that surrounds a home.  Concrete expands when its hot and contracts when cold.  In the winter the widened joints in the street can become filled with incompressible material like salt, sand, gravel and or grit.  When the temperature rises in the summer the concrete expands.  Then it either compresses the expansion joints or pushes against the adjacent concrete slabs with increasing force.  When expansion occurs the street elongates and that is Street Creep.

How to tell if this is happening to your house:

1. The expansion joint between the driveway and garage is fully compressed.

2. Foundation walls on either side of the garage door are pushed inward by the driveway slab.

3. Gaps have formed behind the foundation walls.

4. Basement or foundation walls are pushed out by the garage slab.

How to Fix Street Creep - Image 1

The repairing process requires a two-part process.  First off, new expansion joints should be installed to relieve the pressure on the wall.  The second step requires the installation of the Geo-Lock Wall Anchors.  These will stabilize any foundation, will bring a wall back to its original position and help restore the property value.  This is the most effective method to combat Street Creep.

How to Fix Street Creep - Image 2

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