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Overheating Radiators & Clogged Drainage Systems

Collinsville, IL - Clogged RadiatorWhat do Car Radiators and Waterproofing Drainage systems have in common?

One day, the temperature gauge in my van spiked… just after I got onto the interstate. The next exit was only 2 miles up the road, so I was hoping to make that since the gauge was not to the red line yet. Watching the gauge, the temperature dropped as my speed on the interstate increased so I went on to my appointment. However, driving slower in town the gauge spiked again. But on my return trip on the interstate the temperate gauge ran normal. When I got back to the office I called the mechanic and he said to bring it in and he would check for leaks in the cooling system but thought just flushing the radiator was needed. That fixed the problem.

Shiloh, IL - Clogged Drain Tile

Over time, the vehicle’s radiator slowly clogged until one day it became a major problem. Basement waterproofing systems that use drain tile have a similar problem. The drain tile works but is slowly clogging until one day during a rain it cannot handle the water trying to leak into the basement. Or worse, it slowly leaks in behind a finished basement walls unnoticed and mold begins to grow. Only after more time has passed and the drain tile clogs further does the leak become evident, a wet basement floor.

Clogged Drain Tile in ShilohOur WaterGuard™ basement waterproofing system is unlike any other because it is specifically designed to work in the basement.  Unlike typical waterproofing drain tiles, the WaterGuard is a “clog-free” system.

This French drain is designed to be installed below the floor slab, resting on top of the foundation footing, which keeps the drainage system out of the "mud zone", where drains can clog.

Installation involves removing a section of floor around the perimeter and creating a drainage trench. Sections of WaterGuard are then placed within the trench, resting on a bed of drainage stone, and the floor is restored.

The WaterGuard™ drainage track is designed with a wall flange that extends 3/8" above the floor, allowing the drain to collect any water leaking from the basement walls.

Learn more about how a home is built and why basements leak with your free copy of the “Dry Basement Science” book from Woods Basement Systems. We offer this book to all our prospective customers so they can be well educated about the problem their basement might be experiencing.  We want our salesperson's meeting to be as productive as possible for all our clients!  Contact us or  call 1-844-204-8198 for your free book and to set a no-obligation waterproofing appointment.

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Dave Thompson
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Dave Thompson waterproofed his first basement at the age of 15 and the old scrape and black tar method worked on his Grandfather's home for 6 years. For the last 14 years he has been actively involved with doing it better, keeping basements dry all the time, repairing foundations and dirt crawl spaces too, with Woods Basement Systems.

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