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What Falls On Your House Might be Causing Water Issues Inside

This time of year, leaves.  Sometimes dead tree branches, but mainly leaves.  The fall colors are wonderful to view but seeing all the different colors inside your home’s gWhat Falls On Your House Might be Causing Water Issues Inside - Image 1utter, not so pretty.  Are you thankful to have some type of guttering cover?  Sure, that’s a good investment so you are not cleaning gutters every day during the Fall season, but what about those severe thunderstorms that come in the fall.  Those storms drop heavy amounts of rain in short periods of times that overflow gutters, even gutters with covers.

Bent, dented gutters from falling tree branches do a similar thing like overflowing gutters… a lot of water is dumped close to your foundation.  When this occurs, or when gutters get clogged or overflow, water that typically is taken away from a home begins to leak into the basement or crawl space.

Three words why water getting into your crawl space is never good are Mold and Wood Rot.  Three words why water getting into your basement is never good are Mold and Ruined Stuff.  What do you do after all the gutters are cleaned or covered, outside yard drainage is good, downspouts are extended, landscaping drains water away from the house, and the yard hose was not left on running and water is still getting into your basement or crawl space?  This is when you know that water is entering in through the ground and it is time to call in an expert basement waterproofing company, experienced at diagnosing the issues inside your home.

Get your FREE Dry Basement Science or Crawl Space Science books from this areas’ most respected company, Woods Basement Systems.  While supplies last, go online to WoodsBasementSystems.com and request your free book or call toll free [tel].  Help control how mold, wood rot and water can steal value from your home.

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Dave Thompson
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Dave Thompson waterproofed his first basement at the age of 15 and the old scrape and black tar method worked on his Grandfather's home for 6 years. For the last 14 years he has been actively involved with doing it better, keeping basements dry all the time, repairing foundations and dirt crawl spaces too, with Woods Basement Systems.

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