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Flooded Crawl Space Encapsulated with CleanSpace System

If you have an unencapsulated crawl space in your home or business, chances are high that at some point there has been standing water. Unless you check it often, you may not have even known.

Perhaps there is a liner in the crawl space; but how effective is it? Is it a true vapor barrier or is the relative humidity still high? Does it also cover the walls and posts within the crawl space?

In the below photos, the business owners had a common, yet ineffective solution - gravel. As you can see, the water flooded into the crawl space and pooled in the center. 

Standing Water in Decatur, Illinois Crawl Space

Standing water and high relative humidity in a crawl space can support mold growth and can deteriorate any wood over time compromising the integrity of the overall structure.

The business owner selected the CleanSpace Encapsulation system to be installed by Woods Basement Systems. This included the CleanSpace Vapor Barrier and the SmartSump pictured below. It also included many other products such as the SaniDry dehumidifier, IceGuard, and three Turtl Crawl Space Access Wells.

CleanSpace Encapsulation System in Decatur, Illinois

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