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Mud Jacking Vs. PolyLevel

You’ve probably heard of both PolyLevel and mud jacking. Both are methods to lift concrete, but which is the right solution. Find out here.


What is mud jacking?

Mud jacking is a concrete lifting technique that uses a mixture of sand, water, and cement. This mixture is often called slurry or mud. The mud mixture is pumped beneath the concrete to lift the slab.


What is PolyLevel?

PolyLevel is a two-part, expanding polymer foam that is injected beneath concrete to lift the slab.



Which method to choose?

Both mud jacking and PolyLevel sound very similar, but there are some stark differences. PolyLevel is an economic and environmentally friendly solution, while mud jacking is invasive. PolyLevel is long-lasting, while mud jacking will deteriorate and settle over time. See below for more comparisons.


Mud Jacking PolyLevel
1-1 5/8” diameter holes 5/8” diameter holes
Cement slurry Two-part poly foam
Cures in 1-2 days Cures in 15 minutes
100 pounds per cubic foot 2 pounds per cubic foot
Interacts with environment Repels water


The non-invasive, environmentally friendly nature of PolyLevel makes it the ideal solution to lift and level concrete.  PolyLevel is a long-lasting, so you can rest assured that your sidewalks, steps, and driveways are safe. For your free, no-obligation estimate call us toll-free at 1-866-627-6475.



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