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What You Need to Do BEFORE You Insulate Your Attic or Replace Windows

“I melt in my living room, but freeze at night in bed.” Or, “I have to go on a budget in the coldest months every year because my energy bills are so high.”

Sound familiar? Ok, maybe not word for word, but perhaps you’ve said something like it. If so, you could have precious heated air escaping your home in places you didn’t even know about. Let me explain.

Most homeowners believe insulation and better windows will solve their problem. The truth is your attic and basement/crawl space have many areas where air leaks – every space where floors and walls meet, the rim joist, unsealed areas around pipes or discharge lines, every nail and screw, and even recessed lighting. You may not think it’s enough to affect your energy bills, but think again.

The stack effect refers to hot air rising and moving out of the home while colder air is sucked in through the foundation. When you seal and insulate any areas allowing air to escape – in both the attic and the basement or crawl space – the stack effect isn’t as prominent and you save money. All the while, the temperature throughout your home is even and comfortable.

So, put away your fans and space heaters and contact us today for a free evaluation to determine where the air is leaking from your home. You’ll thank us!

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