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What to Expect During your Annual Service Appointment

ServiceTechWe inspect the products we install for quality assurance. We understand that an annual service appointment can come with just as many questions as your initial call to solve your problem. Whether we restored your foundation or waterproofed your basement, here’s what you can expect during your annual service appointment.

First, one of our trained service technicians will ask a few questions. This part of the process is conversational, and designed so that we can best meet your needs. We’ll ask if you have any questions or concerns and if you’ve had any problems since our last visit.

Next, the service technician will conduct an inspection depending on the service we provided. If we initially repaired bowing walls, we will tighten the system as necessary and ensure no further bowing has occurred. For waterproofing and crawl space repair, we’ll inspect the installed systems to ensure everything is running properly. This inspection includes checking the alarm and backup battery on our sump pumps. Regardless of the service, we’ll check the relative humidity to ensure it is below levels where mold thrives.

Ultimately, an annual service appointment is simply a routine checkup for your home. We offer a lifetime warranty on our products and want to ensure the quality of the services we provide. The annual service appointment allows us to be proactive and help you protect your home. Our team is trained to identify potential problems. If you have any questions, feel free to ask one of our friendly service technicians the next time they visit.

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