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7 Applications for PolyLevel

Overtime, your concrete slabs could shift and settle. This occurs because the soil beneath the slab cannot hold the heavy concrete, causing the slab to become unleveled or cracked. The best solution when this issue appears is to inject PolyLevel to repair the sinking concrete. PolyLevel is an innovated practice that uses the concept of mudjacking, but instead uses high-density polymers to lift the slab back into place. By drilling small holes in the concrete, this installation process is quick and simple to complete. 


PolyLevel Injection


Here are a few common areas around your home that could benefit from PolyLevel injection.


1. Driveways

One of the first areas you could find concrete settlement is between your garage and driveway. In most cases, the concrete that supports the driveway settles faster than the garage. By injecting PolyLevel, this will lift the settled driveway into place for a smooth transition into the garage.

2. Sidewalks

Overtime sidewalks around your home settle, causing cracks and an unleveled surface. Without having to tear up the whole sidewalk and replace with new, the injection of PolyLevel can fix this unevenness. PolyLevel will also help prevent trip hazards that are harmful to daily users of the sidewalk.

3. Patios & Pool Decks

Your outdoor living space is a space that you should enjoy. It is common, especially with pool decks, for the concrete that surrounds the pool to settle over the years. This uneven settlement is unappealing and can distract from the beauty of your space. With the help of PolyLevel, you can fix this issue without fear of a mismatched color of concrete. Injecting this top of the line product is the perfect solution to even the foundation around your patio or pool deck.

4. Stoops

A setting stoop can leave gaps and cracks that can not only create a tripping hazard, but it can also create an unattractive look to the home. The injection of PolyLevel can bring the stoop of a home back to level, eliminating the unevenness from the stoop to the entry level of the home.

5. Porches

Porches are usually an area to gather with family and friends. This space is also susceptible to settlement, which could lead to an unleveled tripping hazard. PolyLevel will maintain the beauty of your space, while reducing the uneven trip hazards.

6. Concrete Steps

Another common area that concrete settlement occurs is around the exterior steps of your home. These steps could create a dangerous tripping hazard for anyone entering the home. PolyLevel will ensure that the concrete is lifted into place, while also filling any gaps or cracks cause by the settlement.

7. Interior Floor Slabs

The interior floor of a home, such as a garage, can also settle. Most homeowners will opt for completely replacing their floors concrete, but this process is timely and expensive. Luckily, PolyLevel can bring the floor back to level in a fast and easy manner.


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