8 Ways to Get Your Basement Game Day Ready

Friday, June 29th, 2018 by Brittney Williams

Whether your sport is football, soccer, golf, or hockey when the big game comes around being with a group of people makes it that much more intense. Having the perfect place to host the event takes all the hassle out of finding a place to go!

But how do you get your basement ready for the big game? Here’s our tips!

1. Know where you want to entertain.
Have the area you want the television or project at picked out. From there pick where you want the bar, bathroom, and furniture. Think of the clean-up you’ll have to do when planning, having a sink bar and fridge will make clean-up a breeze.


2. Storage
You will want to have backups down there. Whether it is blankets, snacks, drinks, or cleaning supplies not taking that trip upstairs will make all the difference when the moment comes.


3. Lighting
Bright lights can be fine but mood lighting can change the setting. Want to dim the lights to see the projector better? Need brighter lights to keep stats with the pros? Dimmable lighting will save you energy and keep the mood going all night.


4. Durable Flooring and Walls 
Having floors that can take moving furniture and chairs, jumping, shoes, and spills is necessary in the game day viewing area. Walls that can take a hit without denting or have a spill and scuff easily washed off are ideal in these spaces.

5. Collectibles
The entertaining area can become the perfect place to host all your collectibles. Whether it is a signed jersey or a collection from your favorite company, they can create conversation before the game and in between plays. However, if you want to put those valuables in the basement, make sure you have the correct waterproofing  and humidity control in place first!

finished basement

6. Climate Control
More than just your collectibles will want a climate controlled environment for watching the game. Combining a dehumidifier  to the mix will dry the air making it more comfortable and easier to heat and cool.

7. Seating
Having enough seating so that no one is on the floor and everyone can see the game is necessary if you are the entertainer. Know if you want big couches in the area or moveable chairs. You have tried so hard to make everyone comfortable; do not lose their comfort now.


8. Soundproofing
When emotions get going, the volume level may go up, of guests and the game. Having soundproofing can give peace of mind that the rest of the family (or neighborhood) does not hear everything going on.

About the author
Brittney is a senior at Indiana State University pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Communications-Public Relations with a minor in Marketing. Her favorite part of communications and marketing is getting to be creative and interacting with a wide range of people.

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