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6 Basement Flooring Options

Whether you are looking to redo your basement or begin a new project to finish it, there are a few things to keep in mind. Most importantly, the area will get wet, and secondly, wet organic surfaces mold and rot.

“But my basement has never had water,” you say? Just because you have never seen water, does not mean it has never been there. Your basement is essentially a giant hole with pieces of concrete with cracks and gaps and holes trying to keep everything out. Even if you do not believe water will get in from the outside, water wants to be level and will flow down until it gets there, making any plumbing leak result in a… wet  basement!

All of our flooring  options come in tiles that are easy to remove and replace if they become damaged or wet.

ThermalDry Elite Flooring
ThermalDry Elite Flooring is our closest to the look of natural wood. It comes in Light Pecan and Dark Walnut. It is inorganic so water will not buckle, swell, or damage it. It sits off the surface of the concrete floor on pegs, creating an area for water under to drain. This gap can also increase the floor temperature by up to 10 degrees.

thermaldry elite

MillCreek Flooring
MillCreek Flooring has the same look as wood. It is made from PVC and is bonded using a high temperature instead of chemicals. This makes it environmentally safe and bacteria free. Its unique coating systems makes this flooring anti-slip and fade-resistant. This flooring comes in Light Oak and Mahogany and does not require a separate subfloor.


ProComfort Carpet
If you still want the look and feel of shag carpet in your basement, this is the way to go. Installed with ThermalDry Insulated Decking below it, these carpets can warm the floor up to 17 degrees. The ThermalDry Insulated Decking also provides a gap between the floor and the carpet to drain water preventing mold and odors. Since the ProComfort Carpet is also inorganic, it cannot support mold and mildew growth.


ThermalDry Basement Flooring
If the look you are going for it tile or loop carpet, ThermalDry Basement Flooring is for you. These stain resistant tiles have 2 carpet colors, 4 tile colors, and a subfloor color option. Unlike traditional tiles they are on pegs that leave an air gap below the floor. This allows air to circulate and dry any water, it also keeps the floor warmer than traditional tile. Since these tiles are plastic based, they do not support mold and mildew growth.



What is below your flooring also effects the water resistance of the flooring. These flooring options are also great in unfinished or transitioning basements.

ThermalDry Insulated Floor Decking
This flooring option is a two-layer system that contains SilverGlo insulation on the back and the front has a magnesium-oxide board for durability. The backing is in a cross-hatch pattern to drain any leaks that come down. The condensed feature of the flooring saves headroom in the basement and allows for quick installation.

thermaldry decking

ThermalDry Basement Floor Matting
This flooring is a vapor barrier that can go under any flooring. If you do not like our flooring options and decide to go with another option, these tiles will outlast several generations of flooring changes. It also lifts the flooring off the concrete to add up to 10 degrees to the floor.

thermaldry matting

These basement flooring and subflooring options are the best way to ensure that your basement will be safe, dry, and healthy. Remember even if you have never seen water in your basement it is ‘when will it get wet’ not ‘if it will get wet.’ When finishing the basement it is important to prepare for the wetness through modular flooring and mold-resistant, inorganic material. 

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