SmartJacks: The Ultimate Crawl Space Foundation Repair

Friday, September 21st, 2018 by Adeline Collins

As years go by you might notice that your floors have become unleveled, saggy, or maybe even bouncy. Unfortunately, this reveals that there is a structural issue within the home. If this issue isn’t fixed properly the condition of the floors will worsen and become even more expensive.

The best solution is to permanently fix the issue once and for all with SmartJacks.


The SmartJack Stabilizer is made out of galvanized steel that will both stabilize and level the girders and floor joists in a crawl space. This strong support system is able to hold more than 60,000 pounds and will not rust.

SmartJack Installation

How do SmartJacks work?

When installing a SmartJack, a hole is dug for the spot the SmartJack is desired. Once the hole is dug the hole is filled with either concrete or an engineered fill of crushed stone. A structural footing is then set into place and leveled on top with engineered fill. Once completed, a steel column is connected to the girder and the SmartJack is tightened into place. This results in the girder and floor joists stabilized and lifted back into a leveled position.


What makes SmartJacks the best?

This strong support system is easily adjustable and is the only solution to combat troubled soil. Additionally, this system can be installed with a zinc-plated structural steel girder to ensure the system will never be susceptible to mold, moisture, or wood rot.

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