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ThermalDry Floors are Basement-Friendly Flooring Option

As we move into winter, your basement will become cold and uncomfortable to be in. If you want to utilize this space during the holiday’s Woods Basement Systems recommends finishing the basement floors with our selection of ThermalDry floors that were explicitly designed for the basement.

How are they specifically designed for the basement? All of our flooring options are made out of inorganic materials will not rot, mold, and are water-resistant. ThermalDry floors can handle weather year around. During the summer when the weather is hot and humid, these floors won’t rot or produce mold, and during the winter months, these floors will help maintain a warm temperature.


 ThermalDry Floors are Basement-Friendly Flooring Option - Image 1

The basement floor is susceptible to water leaks, mold, and rotting, so when selecting a floor, you want to consider a type of flooring that won’t need to be ripped up and reinstalled when issues arise (which they will). It’s expensive to replace floors, but with Thermal Dry floors these floors are installed with a snap-in-place design that makes it easy to replace or repair when the unplanned occurs.

ThermalDry floors come in a variety of styles and colors that fit any preference including tile, carpet, and a tile that looks like wood. With our selection of ThermalDry floors, you’ll never want to leave the basement!

Sounds like the perfect flooring for you? Give us a call at 1-866-627-6475. For more information about ThermalDry floors click here.




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