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PolyLevel Injection Vs Concrete Replacement

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You've noticed that the cement surrounding your home is cracked and uneven. What should you do to repair it? Whether the troubled spot is around your porch, driveway, or sidewalk you have two options for a solution: rip up and start new or repair the current cement slab. What is the best repair?

Replacing the Cement

This option in most cases means that you will have to pay someone to uproot all of the cement that was installed. This is by no means an easy project that will take a lot of time to complete. Once the old cement is ripped out, then the preparation for the new cement begins. Laying a fresh coat of cement is timely because there is a lot to account for before, during, and after the installation. If time is of no importance, maybe this option would be beneficial.

Replacing the cement is also messy and can become very expensive depending on the amount of cement that is desired. Another issue is that just like the old cracked cement if new cement is installed that cement will also one day become old. This repair turns into a cycle that is messy, expensive, timely, and inefficient.

PolyLevel Injection

Unlike the other option, PolyLevel is a cement repairing product that will lift and support the setting cement. PolyLevel is an expanding polymer foam that is injected under the troubled cement to lift and strengthen the concrete. Instead of completely ripping up the cement, this repair is quick, easy, and clean.

What makes PolyLevel stand out is its dry time. It only takes fifteen minutes to completely dry and be ready for use! There is no need to spend a massive amount of money on replacing the cement when you can repair the damaged spots quickly and stress-free with the help of PolyLevel.

Team Woods believes that there are a time and place for both of these repairs, but for most homeowners, PolyLevel injection surpasses starting new. To repair your cracked, uneven cement, we highly recommend injecting the cement with PolyLevel to quickly repair the troubled areas and save money in the process.



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