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Frequently Asked Questions Concerning PolyLevel

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Is PolyLevel injection the same as mudjacking? Or is mudjacking better?

Even though they sound similar, PolyLevel and mudjacking are very different methods to lift cement. Polylevel is a quick, clean injection that will have long-lasting results, whereas mudjacking is a messy, timely, and temporary solution. 

How long does PolyLevel last? Is it a temporary fix? 

Each project that uses PolyLevel level will vary with the longevity of the solution, but this repair is no temporary fix. PolyLevel will regain the stability of an uneven cement slab for several years and unlike mudjacking wouldn't settle over time. 

Is PolyLevel costly?

PolyLevel is a fast and affordable way to repair falling concrete. Of course, it won't be a cheap option. If you want a product that will last and grant you the best value out of your money, PolyLevel is the route to go. 

Is it better or cheaper to just replace the concrete? 

Replacing concrete is no easy task. The process is very timely, messy, and expensive. There is a lot of time and effort that goes into replacing concrete. When replacing concrete, there are by far more steps that require a lot of attention to detail to ensure that the cement is installed correctly. All this time and effort spent on replacing the concrete makes this solution an expensive one.

This is why Team Woods recommends the optimal option, PolyLevel. PolyLevel is a non-invasive, environmentally friendly solution that will lift and level a troubled concrete in minutes. It is quick to install, affordable, and long-lasting. 

Will this work on a settling foundation? and Does this work on concrete walls?

No, PolyLevel is designed to lift and level concrete slabs like sidewalks, floors, driveways, porches, and pool decks. With that being said we do offer solutions specifically designed to restore, repair, and support settling foundations and/or bowing walls.

Does this work on a brick sidewalk?

We do not recommend using PolyLevel on a brick sidewalk because it is designed to support cement slabs.

Is this the same as foam insulation?

Although PolyLevel is a foam, once injected it turns into a hard and durable solution that is designed to specifically lift and level failing concrete which is different than foam insulation. 



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