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Is Your Crawl Space Ready for Summer?

Is Your Crawl Space Ready for Summer? - Image 1

During the summer your crawl space can experience high, humid temperatures. Is your crawl space ready for it?

Moist, high temperature is the optimal combination that is needed for mold to develop. Not only can mold grow but when excess water is found in the crawl space bugs are also able to thrive. If your crawl space isn't ready for this type of weather, this crawl space can turn into a muddy, moldy disaster!

What product can prevent this?

At Woods Basement Systems we recommend sealing your crawl space with a CleanSpace encapsulation system to keep your crawl space clean and protected year around. 

CleanSpace is heavy duty vapor barrier that is made out of inorganic materials. Why does that matter? If a tarp is made out of organic materials, that tarp will allow mold to develop.

How does CleanSpace help?

A CleanSpace encapsulation system is installed on the floor and up the walls to seal the crawl space from harmful outer elements completely. During the summer especially, humidity can cause many problems within the crawl space. As mentioned above, this creates an optimal environment for critters and the development of mold. By sealing the crawl space with a CleanSpace barrier, water, critters, and mold won't be able to cause harm. 

Is this a temporary solution?

Nope! CleanSpace will last many years, keeping your crawl space bright, fresh, and clean. A CleanSpace barrier also won't rip or tear like your average tarp because of its durable design. 

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