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3 Products to Completely Waterproof your Crawl Space

3 Products to Completely Waterproof your Crawl Space - Image 1

If you missed last week's blog post, we went over what warning signs to look for to indicate that it's time to waterproof your crawl space. Building off of last week we wanted to present what products can keep your basement dry, healthy, and safe all year-round!

Here's a breakdown of three waterproofing products that can protect your crawl space.

1. A CleanSpace Encapsulation System

One essential product to keep harmful outer elements like water, debris, and critters out of the crawl space is a vapor barrier system. At Woods Basement Systems we off a vapor barrier system that won't produce mold or mildew and it will completely seal the space from harm. Our CleanSpace encapsulation system is explicitly designed for a crawl space or basement because it is made out of inorganic materials. Unlike other vapor barriers on the market, a CleanSpace encapsulation system won't allow harmful exterior elements to enter inside; this system will block the exterior from the interior. 

2. SaniDry™ Sedona™ Crawl Space Dehumidifier

Since the air you breathe in your basement is the same air you breathe throughout the entire house, it is vital to keep this air safe and clean. Our SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier will purify the air and ensure that the air you breathe is healthy at all times. Say goodbye to smelly, humid air! Your crawl space air will be fresh and filtered to keep you and your family safe. 

3. SilverGlo™ Crawl Space Wall Insulation

Energy bills can get pretty pricey so no one would turn down a lower energy bill! With the proper insulation, we can help lower your energy bill and increase the comfort in your home. For a crawl space, Woods Basement Systems offers SilverGlo wall insulation to help maintain the temperature in your crawl space. SilverGlo will benefit your home no matter what time of year it is! Our SilverGlo wall insulation is installed on the crawl space walls to lock your desired temperature in. 


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