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What is a WaterGuard Drainage System & How Does it Work?

You expect after investing in waterproofing products that your basement will remain dry no matter the weather. Unfortunately, many homeowners learn the hard way that not all waterproofing products are created equal. At Woods Basement Systems, we take pride in our high-quality, top of the line products that ensure that your hard earned money is well spent. One of the most beneficial products to have for waterproofing your basement is our patented WaterGuard drainage system. 

What is a WaterGuard Drainage System & How Does it Work? - Image 1


WaterGuard drains are a French designed drainage system that is installed in the footing of the basement to stop water leaks where they would typically leak inside. There is a small gap in most foundations where the walls and floor met in the basement, depending on the type of foundation. This small gap creates an accessible entrance into the basement, which can lead to water damage and a domino effect of issues that could impact the health and safety of the home. 

That's where WaterGuard comes in. WaterGuard is specifically designed to collect these pesky leaks right at the source. Once the drainage system receives water leaks, they are then directed to the home's sump pump system. Once the sump pump gets a hold of the leaks, they will be pumped back outside where they belong!

WaterGuard drains are unlike other drainage systems on the market because they are completely sealed and out of the way. They are installed in the footing and are sealed with a cement topping to prevent the system from clogging or backing up. This is vital because it will ensure that the system is operating correctly without the risk of debris clogging the system. 

This advanced waterproofing system is one of Team Woods' top waterproofing products that will ensure your home is dry all year-round. By investing in a WaterGuard drainage system, you will save money down the road when you don't have to repair the water damage or structural damaged caused by water leaks. 



If you are interested in receiving a free estimate on a WaterGuard system give us a call at 1-844-204-8198 or visit us online. 



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