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Pool Deck Leveling and Lifting with PolyLevel

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Pool Deck Leveling and Lifting with PolyLevel

Pool decks are treacherous enough, with curbs, coping stones, diving boards, ladders, slippery wet areas, and, of course, the pool itself. Add tripping hazards to the list, which is a result from sunken sections of concrete pool decking, and pools become even more hazardous. The fastest and neatest way to improve pool safety, without shutting it down for more than a few hours, is with pool deck leveling using the PolyLevel polyurethane injection system. When PolyLevel is installed, very little of the pool area needs to be disturbed. PolyLevel makes it easy with only using two hoses to install, keeping any landscaping and fencing untouched.

How Does PolyLevel Work?

Small holes will need to be bored through the sunken slab sections. A hose is then pulled to the repair site, and specially formulated polyurethane foam is pumped through the holes into the weak or eroded soil under the slab. The foam spreads throughout the area, filling gaps, voids, and even the tiniest cracks, turning into a sort of structural pillow. Carefully monitored and controlled expansion of the foam raises the sunken slab until it returns to its original, level position.

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