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4-Step Solution to Clean Up a Crawl Space

Moisture in a crawl space comes from two places. If the crawl space has a dirt floor, it comes from the ground. If not properly sealed, moisture can enter from the air outside. This moisture can cause many problems in your crawl space, such as mold, standing water, and erosion. This damage can spread to other areas of the house, such as doors, ceilings, and walls, and the musty crawl space smell can spread to the house as well. 
There is a four-step solution to fixing your crawl space problems. First, if there is any water leaking, installing a sump system for the crawl space, such as the SmartSump system can eliminate this water by pumping it out of the crawl space. 
The second step is required to encapsulate the crawl space. The CleanSpace Liner is installed in the crawl space to isolate it from the earth, so that no water vapor, dirt, or debris can get in it. This is the most affordable and durable solution to control water vapor and moisture from the crawl space. 
Third, making sure the crawl space vents are completely sealed is important in keeping the outside air from entering the crawl space. CleanSpace Vent Covers have an airtight seal that will seal all air leaks to the outside. They also will never rot or need paint and are insulated. 
Lastly, making sure the crawl space is eliminated from all humidity is important to keep it fully dry. The SaniDry Sedona is not just any dehumidifier. It is a high-capacity, high-efficiency dehumidification system that also includes an air filtration system, all in a single unit. This system wrings the air dry, and its powerful blower moves the dry air in and around the crawl space. It also automatically drains the water it catches into the sump system, so there is no need to empty any bucket with this system. 
These four simple steps can completely transform a failing crawl space and will save energy and money for years to come!


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