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How to Repair Problems Caused by "Street Creep"

One may think that a shifting driveway will stop over time, but that is not the case. The truth is the concrete surrounding a home can shift at any time and can continue if not treated properly. Concrete expands when it's hot out, and contracts when it gets cold. The widened joints that can form with concrete movement crush the expansion joint. Then, if not resealed properly, can be filled with sand or gravel, and when they expand again as they always do, they can end up pushing against other slabs and elongate them up to several inches. 
There are several noticeable signs of street creep. Existing expansion joints between the driveway and garage, for example, can compress with movement and affect the garage slab. This movement can affect the foundation on either side of the garage, causing cracks, gaps, or separation to form. 
These various problems that can arise due to street creep can be resolved and controlled. To repair a shifting or unstable foundation due to street creep, GeoLock Wall Anchors can be installed. These will permanently stabilize the foundation, straightening it to its original position and keeping it in place. Any cracks will also be closed so that no water can leak through. New expansion joints can also be installed, such as CompressionGuard. As long as this is properly maintained, it can handle the seasonal shifting of concrete. 
These systems have many advantages, as they can be installed any time of year, and can be completed within a day or two. The combination of these systems is the most effective method for stabilizing foundations and can restore your home's value and your peace of mind all year long!



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