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Job review from in St. Louis, MO 63116 on 03/03/13

Overall Rating:

4.6  out of 5

Since having the work completed on 12/27/2012, we've had several severe storms and my basement floor has remained dry when previously would not have been the case.

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Felt very good about install on Day 1, good info and explanations as they discovered the foundation walls had no footing. They'd get a 5.

Day 2 was a different foreman. Things didn't look to be going as the Day 1 foreman had walked me through and then the work felt rushed.

1. The crew used the basement door's screw-on door sweep as their guide of where to level the newly placed concrete, leaving a gap when the door is closed.

2. Where the WaterGuard meets the wall, there are gaps where your fingers can fit through, especially around the back door. During a rain storm, I can actually look into these gaps to water pooling.

3. A clean-out plug from the soil stack was dislodged and just set back in place. This was found the day after work was finished. With a call to the office, a repair visit was scheduled the following week.

The Cleanup Process

Day 2 clean up was rushed. A roll of tape was left behind. The basement floor was really dusty and could have been shop vacuumed. They should have rinsed the large clumps of mud off the sidewalk where they had been mixing cement and running the line away from the house. I didn't notice the mud until I tracked it into the house.

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