How the Geo-Lock Wall Anchor System Works

Thursday, July 24th, 2014 by Stacie Ellis

Wall anchor systems were first introduced in the 1970s and have been successful in stabilizing foundation walls ever since.  They were even named the most effective means of stabilizing bowing foundation walls by the U.S. Department of Housing in 1992.  These systems include a heavy-duty, steel anchor that is installed deep into a stable layer of soil out and away from the home.  They are connected to steel wall plates on the interior of the foundation wall with long galvanized steel rods.  Over the years, wall anchors have proven to be an effective and economical repair solution. 

Once the installation is complete, wall anchors will hold foundation walls in their current position without any further adjustment.  A unique feature of the Geo-Lock Wall Anchor system is the ability to tighten the anchors and improve the straightness of the wall over time.  This can be done during dry periods when the soil shrinks and creates a void.

Wall anchors are installed by auguring a hole into the soil away from the foundation wall.  A steel rod is driven through a 1” hole in the basement wall and is connected to the exterior anchor that is installed deep in the soil.  A wall plate is placed on the interior of the foundation wall and is secured to the rod.  Then the augured hole is backfilled and the sod is replaced.  Once the system is tightened to the contractor and homeowner’s liking, the walls are permanently stabilized.

Wall anchors are the best solution for several different problems including bowing walls, walls that are tipping in at the top, or walls that are pushing in at the bottom.  There is minimal disturbance from the installation, and it’s a quick way to restore the property value of the home and fix the problem once and for all.

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