Work Requests in Wentzville

Woods Basement Systems, Inc. is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Wentzville. Learn more about Woods Basement Systems, Inc.'s recent work requests in Wentzville and nearby areas!

Learn more about Woods Basement Systems' recent work requests in Wentzville, MO
Vicinity of Tulip Bend Drive in Wentzville
Would like a price quote to install a sub pump ONLY
Vicinity of Fairview Farms Circle in Wentzville
I want a new sump pump system. Don't want a flooded basement again.
Vicinity of Hwy Z in Wentzville
Have a old house with stone foundation that needs repair would like a free estimate
Vicinity of Lost Canyon Blvd in Wentzville
Looking for basement finish. Loft style with stained floors, bathroom, bar and gym area. If possible please email to set appointment. Infant in house makes phone calls difficult.
Vicinity of Bastean Rd in Wentzville
About a 3 ft vertical foundation wall crack needs injections.
Vicinity of Stealey Rd in Wentzville
Foundation crack
Vicinity of Bear Fountain Run in Wentzville
I would like a bid on mudjacking/leveling of my home front entrance concrete sidewalk and stairs.
Vicinity of Ironhorse Court in Wentzville
Home radon test elevated
Vicinity of Saddle Ridge Road in Wentzville
Have a brand new house with an unfinished basement, I would like to get an estimate on completing it. We would like to add a couple bedrooms downstairs and it is already plumbed for a restroom as well
Vicinity of Cheryl Ann Dr in Wentzville
Several years ago you did a pier jack at this address for us. There is a crack in the foundation wall in the basement that we need repaired. It is currently up for sale for sale and vacant and I can give you the lock box code for entry.
Vicinity of Blake Thomas Dr in Wentzville
We are needing to install a radon mitigation system and would like a quote.
Vicinity of Cheryl Ann Dr in Wentzville
I have a crack in my basement wall/foundation that starts at/near the ceiling, follows a mostly 45 degree angle down all the way to the floor.
Vicinity of Sun Bear Ct in Wentzville
I am selling my moms villa and an interested buyer found some small cracks in basement as well as some cracks in exterior brick walls , there is also a very slow water leak in the basement where the water comes into the house??? Additional information: How did you hear about us?: TV Preferred Appointment Date: 10/03/2017 Preferred Appointment Time: 10am-1pm
Vicinity of Coley Ct. in Wentzville
Sinking sidewalk
Vicinity of Pecan Bluffs Dr in Wentzville
Unfinished basement would like to finish
Vicinity of Searle Court in Wentzville
Basement wall moving
Vicinity of Briar Meadows Ct, --- in Wentzville
Need sidewalk lifted
Vicinity of Busse Ct. in Wentzville
Want front sidewalk lifted. Would also like to have driveway close to the garage door evaluated.
Vicinity of Split Rail Ct in Wentzville
We are purchasing a home and the radon test came back as 7.8, so we are shopping around for quotes for a mitigation system.
Vicinity of Grand Oaks Court in Wentzville
Want Egress window, outside is above grade so no well required.
Vicinity of Bette Ct in Wentzville
We're in the process of buyin a new home that has radon levels of 5.6, need it mitigated, wondering how much. Thanks!
Vicinity of Choctaw Dr in Wentzville
Annual check-up & service.
Vicinity of Chancellorsville Drive in Wentzville
Vicinity of Granite Way in Wentzville
My sidewalk where it meets the driveway has sunk and needs to be levelsd
Vicinity of Meyer Lane in Wentzville
Vicinity of Rustic Oaks Dr. in Wentzville
Basement wall is bowing inwards.
Vicinity of Stone Run Blvd in Wentzville
Mud jacking front steps
Vicinity of Spring Branch in Wentzville
Horizontal crack in concrete foundation wall with water coming in during heavy rain
Vicinity of White Fence in Wentzville
We are in need of an estimate to lift and level our front sidewalk and front porch.
Vicinity of Peruque Hills Pkwy in Wentzville
Just looking for a quote to have a mitigation system installed. We have an unfinished basement...sump pump...vinyl siding...2 story. Thank you!
Vicinity of Koala Drive in Wentzville
I have a patio that has a section that has sunk. I am thinking that it can be mud jacked I would like a bid to fix it.
Vicinity of Picket Fence Drive in Wentzville
Back yard patio cracking and caving in. Hopefully it can be repaired with mudjack.
Vicinity of Stonebridge Lane in Wentzville
Water leaking at the base of the foundation in one corner of basement. In the process of finishing basement and concerns about drywall, etc.
Vicinity of Stephanie Lynn Ct in Wentzville
Large deep cracks in basement floor
Vicinity of Meyer Lane in Wentzville
Leaking basement
Vicinity of Kemp Drive in Wentzville
I have a sump pump and it works fine. Only runs in extreme wet conditions. I would like to have a battery backup in case it ever fails.
Vicinity of Pilgrim Avenue in Wentzville
Our basement is leaking from 2 spots - need an evaluation and estimate to stop the water from getting in.
Vicinity of N Talley St. in Wentzville
I need an Estimate for basement waterproofing. I have several wall cracks as well as floor cracks.
Vicinity of Stone Post Lane in Wentzville
We are selling our house and the radon levels came back higher than acceptable. I need a quote on a radon mitigation system. Thank You.
Vicinity of Cannito Ct in Wentzville
Vertical crack repair
Vicinity of Bless Us Drive East in Wentzville
I did a radon test with a test kit from HomeDepot the level came back 7. I am starting to finish the basement and if my level was high I was thinking of installing a system before drywall gets installed. Do you do free on-site evaluations?
Vicinity of John Charles Dr. in Wentzville
My husband and I would like a quote for finishing our basement.
Vicinity of Cedar Lane in Wentzville
I have a 15 x 36 crawl space that I would like to put a liner in. Could you tell me how much this would cost me.
Vicinity of Devonshire County Dr in Wentzville
Having wash out areas under front porch and walk way to front door needs to be jacked up to porch
Vicinity of Woosencraft Drive in Wentzville
Today I noticed water in my basement that wasn't there yesterday. It seems like it's seeping in through the foundation. There are only certain spots that have water, maybe because of the rain. I'm petty sure it's not the air conditioning. Looked to see if could be coming from upstairs pipes, and that all looks ok. Really not sure what to do from here. Thank You.
Vicinity of Cimarron Valley Trail in Wentzville
We had a water leak in our finished basement last week. We are wondering whether we need to do anything. We would be interested in having someone come out and take a look.
Vicinity of Stiles Drive in Wentzville
Inspection indicates a possible problem with foundation wall
Vicinity of Blumhoff Ave in Wentzville
Basement waterproofing. Basement has leaked for years when it rains. Unsure what the issue may be...
Vicinity of Dylan Drive in Wentzville
We are interested in at least one egress window for our basement.
Vicinity of Stonebridge Ln in Wentzville
Wanting to get basement finished, waterproofed, etc.
Vicinity of Railway Circle in Wentzville
I would like a quote on an egress window for a bedroom in my basement.
Vicinity of Hackney Ct. in Wentzville
I need a quote for repairing cracks in my basement walls
Vicinity of Marble Crossing Dr. in Wentzville
I am looking to get a quote on 3 cracks needing repair. One crack is vertical the length of the wall and the other two are smaller and off the top left and bottom right of the egress window. If you could give me an estimate via email I would appreciate it. Kacie
Vicinity of Stonebridge Lane in Wentzville
I just moved into a new house. The house came with a cheap sump pump, and as someone who has experenced water problems in the past I would like to get an estimate on a more robust sump pump and system that features a backup pump and a battery backup. Thank you.
Vicinity of in Wentzville
Seeking info/bid on sump pump or other basement water solutions
Vicinity of Wideman Dr in Wentzville
I have crack in my basement wall in one spot, it is on the seam and shows some outdoor light through it where the snap tie is.
Vicinity of Providence Ridge Dr in Wentzville
Prior to buying my house 3.5 yrs ago I was told it had radon at a 4.0 level (I think). So I would like to get this corrected.
Vicinity of Wilson St in Wentzville
Basement leaks through a crack in the basement (primary concern). Also, on a different wall the wall has shifted.
Vicinity of East Main St in Wentzville
Cinder block basement on 1930's home. Cracks in 2 corners leaking. No sump pump system, "french" style ditch drainage. Looking for an estimate because I'm inquiring about purchasing this property.
Vicinity of Bambi Dr in Wentzville
The foundation on my attached garage is sinking
Vicinity of Choctaw Drive in Wentzville
You guys did some piers for me on home. Driveway is settling. Do you do Mud Jacking?
Vicinity of Archway Dr. in Wentzville
Would like quote on basement leak repair
Vicinity of S Church Street in Wentzville
Lateral cracks in foundation
Vicinity of House Lane in Wentzville
I need a quote on basement waterproofing. I have hydrostatic pressure that has caused cracks in the basement floor, and it seems the floor is bowing up in the center of the basement. During heavy rains, water leaks in around the perimeter of the floor and through the cracks.
Vicinity of Glengarry Drive in Wentzville
I have a slab home with moisture coming up through the wood floor in my kitchen. I would like a quote to fix this issue.