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  • By Michele B.
    Chesterfield, MO

    Customer Review

    By Michele B.
    Chesterfield, MO

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  • "22 years ago" Read Full Testimonial

    Harold D. of DuQuoin, IL

    Customer Testimonial

              Dave at the home show asked me to send in this note. I was one of Rick's first customers doing the wall repair on my bulging basement wall. It has held up for 22 years without a single new problem. Those plates really did the job.
    Harold D.
    DuQuoin, IL
  • "I didn't know you could save a porch with your slab piers." Read Full Testimonial

    Mitch G. of Lebanon, IL

    Customer Testimonial

              We have a large porch and attached roof with the rest of the house. I didn't know you could save a porch with your slab piers. It was donr in a day instead of having to replace it, support the roof, on then only us our back door for 2 weeks. What a great job and I'll tell everyone that too!
    Mitch G.
    Lebanon, IL
  • "Water stayed in the ring" Read Full Testimonial

    Lee S. of Edwardsville, IL

    Customer Testimonial

              We went ahead with a waterproofing ring for protecting our basement from a hot water heater leak when we had Woods do our basement. Then one evening we could hear a beep in the basement and it was coming from the water staying in the ring. It has an alarm so when the hot water heater started leaking we knew right away. That saved our basement and on a high water bill later.
    Lee S.
    Edwardsville, IL
  • "This is the fourth home within our family your company has repaired." Read Full Testimonial

    Patti H. of Collinsville, IL

    Customer Testimonial

              Beside my sister's and parent's houses, you just did my second home too. This is the fourth home within our family your company has repaired. For me it was about the transferable warranty and doing the the work very well.
    Patti H.
    Collinsville, IL
  • "I has glad Dave could make it out to do the work before the closing on the home in St. Louis." Read Full Testimonial

    Bill S. of St. Louis, MO

    Customer Testimonial

              I really appreciated how you make this all work with the closing of the home happening this week. I was very satisfied with Dave's work and appreciated how well he cleaned up too!
    Bill S.
    St. Louis, MO
  • "I am glad we took your advice." Read Full Testimonial

    Candy M. of O'Fallon, MO

    Customer Testimonial

              After several people giving us advice about how our basement was getting wet, I am glad we took your advice. You were the only one who took the time to really determine what was going on and you were right.
    Candy M.
    O'Fallon, MO

Dave Thompson from Woods Basement Systems, Inc.

Title: Marketing Director

Hometown: Collinsville, IL

Dave Thompson from Woods Basement Systems, Inc.

Before working as our Marketing Director, Dave worked at a Wellness Center and as a general manager of a supplemental nurse staffing agency. Both positions required promoting and introducing the companies to interested parties needing his company’s service.

With a unique and intellectual insight in the world of marketing, Dave has been employed with Woods Basement Systems since 2000. His position offers genuine techniques in promoting and educating the public about the company and what we do. Dave enjoys expressing the benefits of the waterproofing and foundation industry to homeowners in need of solutions.

In his free time he plays basketball at the YMCA, collects coins, and volunteers as leader of his church’s Jr. /Sr. high school group. He loves spending time with his wife, Susan, and his daughter Emily (a recent graduate of Eastern Illinois University.)

Videos from projects I was involved with:

St. Charles, MO Basement Dry & Stabilized
Monica, a customer for over 10 years, describes her experience with Woods Basement Systems. In 2002, Monica... Watch Video
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Case Studies I've worked on:

Before and after photos from jobs I've worked on:
  • Wood Basement Sub-Floor in Troy, IL
    Wood Basement Sub-Floor in Troy, IL

    Wood and drywall are both organic, and when used in a basement, are extremely susceptible to moisture and mold growth.  Having a vapor barrier installed on the basement floor is a good idea unless the top of it is wood.  Plumbing leaks downstairs or falling into the basement from upstairs will cause a serious problem. Our ThermalDry® basement flooring is made of inorganic materials and will not allow mold to grow in the event that there is a leak in the basement. This Troy, Illinois basement is now protected and mold-free!

  • Sinking, Cracked Sidewalk Leveled at Edwardville, Illinois Church
    Sinking, Cracked Sidewalk Leveled at Edwardville, Illinois Church

    A member of Esic Baptist Church in Edwardsville, Illinois contacted Woods Basement Systems due to the sidewalk at the church cracking and sinking. Specialist Dave T. evaluated the sidewalk and determined that PolyLevel and NexusPro would be the best solution.

    Foreman Juan and his crew leveled the concrete of the sidewalk and filled the cracks with NexusPro. PolyLevel is lightweight and durable and sets in 15 seconds, so the sidewalk can be used within 15 minutes. NexusPro is a silicone-based sealant for joints and cracks and resists UV rays, so it won't crack and bubble, unlike other crack sealants.

    The members of the church can now enjoy a safe sidewalk with no trip hazards. 

  • Cutting Drywall to Waterproof a Basement in Collinsville, IL
    Cutting Drywall to Waterproof a Basement in Collinsville, IL

    Most wet basements, like this one Collinsville, Illinois, occur from a leak at the foundation wall and basement floor seam.  If this section is covered by drywall, the drywall will need to be cut out to install our WaterGuard® waterproofing system.  A section of the basement floor needs to be removed and re-concreted after the WaterGuard® is installed.

  • WaterGuard Installation in Collinsville
    WaterGuard Installation in Collinsville

    WaterGuard was installed in this Collinsville, IL home to protect from water damage as it helps direct water flow into the sump pump. WaterGuard is also installed out of the "mud" zone which helps avoid clogging. 

  • CleanSpace Vapor Barrier installed in Belleville IL
    CleanSpace Vapor Barrier installed in Belleville IL

    Cobwebs, mold, high utility bills... oh my!  These are problems that Woods Basement Systems finds time and again in dark, damp crawl spaces.  Many homeowners do not regularly look inside their crawl space - what they find there might surprise them.  But damp, moldy smells that penetrate the living space above can be a sign that moisture and water is present,  creating a perfect environment for mold and mildew to grow.

    CleanSpace helps to control all of these problems... oh yes!  Woods Basement Systems is part of the International network of crawl space repair experts, through the Basement Systems, Inc. network of dealers.  As such, they have access to the award-winning CleanSpace Vapor Barrier - a 20-mil 7-ply sandwich of high and low-density polyethylene with polyester-cord reinforcement, treated with an antimicrobial finish that protects against mold and mildew growth.  This liner significantly outperforms thin and easy-to-tear 6 mil liners that are more common.   You can rest assured that with a CleanSpace vapor barrier installed, mold and cobwebs will not be growing down there anymore!

  • TripleSafe™Sump Pump and Crack Repair
    TripleSafe™Sump Pump and Crack Repair

    As the homeowner started to finish their basement and working so closely with the basement walls, face to face so to speak, they noticed several cracks.  They wisely decided to seal the cracks so they would not have a leaky basement years later from the cracks.  Additionally, they decided to upgrade their sump pump to the TripleSafe with a battery back-up sump pump to help protect their investment in the finished basement.  The sump pump photos are included.

  • Foundation Peiring in St. Charles MO
    Foundation Peiring in St. Charles MO

    Several repaired basement foundation wall cracks re-opened and drywall upstairs began to crack again also.  This home owner knew he had to fix it once and for all and decided to get our push pier foundation repair system installed by foundation support works.

  • Basement wall crack
    Basement wall crack

    Several cracks were forming in this Ballwin Missouri basement and two were beginning to leak so the homeowner hired us to repair them once and for all.

  • Settling Foundation in High Ridge, MO
    Settling Foundation in High Ridge, MO

    The room addition on this High Ridge, Missouri home settled and needed our Foundation SupportWorks® push piers to get the foundation wall back to level.

  • Poured Foundation Wall Leaning in O'Fallon, MO
    Poured Foundation Wall Leaning in O'Fallon, MO

    We use laser transits to determine how far a foundation wall is laterally moving inward.  We can measure the inside wall and look for other visible signs of this problem.  Typically, a poured foundation wall will tip in at the top of the foundation.  See the 2nd photo of the exterior space between the siding and foundation wall of this O'Fallon, Missouri foundation.  The Foundation SupportWorks® Geo-Lock™ wall anchors system solves this problem and is cost effective to do.

  • Water Getting on Top of a Slab Foundation
    Water Getting on Top of a Slab Foundation

    With a slab foundation the concrete floor is where the sill plate of a frame structure would be.  When enough water can pool outside, the water can come directly in to the home and get on top of the slab.  An exterior drainage system must be in place lower than the slab floor seam/sill plate and drained to a lower spot away from the building.  In this case, it runs across the smaller section of a blacktop parking area near a garage.

  • Drilling a hole in the cast iron drain line: Bad idea in Lemay, MO
    Drilling a hole in the cast iron drain line: Bad idea in Lemay, MO

    A trick to help drain water from beneath the basement floor is to drill a large hole in the drain line of a floor drain, low enough to let water in from under the floor.  But if you are relying on that and do not also have a sump pump...ouch!  We retrofit our TripleSafe® sump pump system. After getting wet three times, this Lemay, Missouri homeowner didn't want that to happen ever again.  The TripleSafe® has three operating pumps, not all at the same time, and one is a battery backup pump for operating during a power outage, or if a breaker trips, water levels rise, or if one of the primary pump fails after years of being in service.

  • New Construction Waterproofing in Wildwood, MO
    New Construction Waterproofing in Wildwood, MO

    Our WaterGuard® has an ICC number to meet the new construction building code.  Waterproof the basement right the very first time and save the headache and additional cost of having us out later! The homeowners who are now living in this Wildwood, Missouri home will never have to worry about their basement flooding for as long as they live in the home.

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