4 Options For Dressing Up Your Basement Walls

Friday, May 3rd, 2019 by Matthew O'Neil

If your basement is unfinished, then the walls are more than likely some form of concrete. While these bare-bones walls certainly do the job, they are often cold and unpleasant to look at. If you are looking to dress them up and create a cleaner, more inviting basement, then one of these options is sure to fit your needs!

1. Foamax

If your concrete basement walls are cold, then your basement will be cold in the winter and damp in the summer. For a simple, inexpensive fix, Foamax is perfect. This material provides excellent insulation from the elements while making your basement look bright and clean.

 4 Options For Dressing Up Your Basement Walls - Image 1

2. CleanSpace Wall System

If you have leaking basement walls but don't want to break the bank, then the CleanSpace wall system is the solution for you. CleanSpace is an inorganic vapor barrier that comes in a roll and is affixed to the surface of the foundation walls to seal out all moisture. Because CleanSpace is not a rigid material, it is perfect for uneven stone walls that are not candidates for the other options. It is almost impossible to rip, and also gives the basement a clean look.

 4 Options For Dressing Up Your Basement Walls - Image 2

3. BrightWall Paneling 

For a nicer, more aesthetically pleasing solution to your leaking wall problems, BrightWall panels are perfect. These semi-rigid plastic panels are placed over the foundation walls and secured with drilled-in fasteners, meaning that they will never fall off no matter how much water comes through. These panels help guide leaks coming in from behind downward to an accompanying WaterGuard French drain system, while giving your basement a nice, finished look. 

 4 Options For Dressing Up Your Basement Walls - Image 3

4. ZenWall Paneling

The most expensive and best looking of all Woods Basement Systems wall-covering products, ZenWall panels are the best you can get without actually finishing your basement. These fiberglass-core panels come with a decorative vinyl finish on the outside and a reflective foil vapor barrier on the reverse side that makes it resistant to moisture. Like the other products, ZenWall helps guide walls leaks downward toward a French drain system. If you want a finished look without the finished basement price, then ZenWall Panels are the way to go.

 4 Options For Dressing Up Your Basement Walls - Image 4

Each of these options fits different needs and different price points, but they are all fantastic products. If you have problems with leaking, cold concrete foundation walls, give Woods Basement Systems a call!



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