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Customer Testimonial from Monica G. in Urbana, IL

To whom it may concern:

I just wanted to add my unsolicited testimonial. It's been nearly a year since you sealed my crawlspace. The main reason I did it was to minimize mold and preserve my floor joists as much as possible. Anything beyond that would be icing on the cake.

I live in a two-story condominium, approximately 1500 square feet.

Here are some of the differences I have noticed in the past year:

The floors were warmer in the winter.
No condensation on the windows.
More even temperature, upstairs and down.
And yes, my power bill was lower.

To be honest, I didn't think I would notice much difference on the power bill. While the dehumidifier in the crawlspace may help the AC, it still takes electricity to run the dehumidifier. So any reduction in power consumption by AC, I thought, would still be consumed in other ways. Mind you, my AC unit is a 15-year-old clunker (I haven't yet replaced it with an energy-efficient model). And we are now in the dog days of summer, with one of the hottest summers on record. Both the AC and the dehumidifier have been put to the test. Thermostat is cooling to 72 degrees. I was expecting a power bill of maybe $200. Had to blink twice when I opened my power bill. Even with my non-energy-efficient AC and my dehumidifier getting a constant workout, my total power bill for the month was $90. I can only conclude that my new and improved crawlspace made the difference. Thank you, Woods Basement Systems!

Monica G.

- Monica G. of Urbana, IL

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