Concrete Lifting and Leveling Before & After Photos

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PolyLEVEL Restores Champaign, Illinois Walkway

James M. of Champaign, Illinois was troubled by his uneven, cracked walkway. The walkway not only took away from his beautiful landscape, it was a safety hazard. System design specialist Cory S. desinged a solution to restore the walkway.

PolyLEVEL was installed by foreman Andrew T. and his team. PolyLEVEL is a long-lasting solution to lift and align concrete to its original, safe position. James no longer has worries about his settling concrete. He is thrilled to have a restored walkway.

PolyLevel Supports Tuscola, IL Sidewalk

Thomas of Tuscola, Illinois want to finally fix the deep gaps within his sidewalk. He gave Woods Basement Systems a call and talked with system design specialist, Gregory B., to figure out what was the best solution for him. Gregory recommended using PolyLevel it permanelty fix his sidewalk to his home.

Foreman, Andrew T. and his crew got straight to work on this customers sidewalk, and in no time if was back to its original state!

PolyLevel Lifts and Levels Walkway in Brownstown, IL

Kurt K. of Brownstown, IL had an uneven concrete walkway. Some of the concrete slabs had sunk and pulled away from the house and were no longer level with the other slabs. It had created a major tripping hazard so Kurt called Woods Basement Systems. Woods recommended PolyLevel.

PolyLevel was injected under the sinking slabs. It’s an expanding polymer foam that lifts and levels concrete and cures in 15 minutes so it’s a quicker and more permanent solution than traditional mudjacking.

Centralia, Illinois Driveway Corrected with PolyLEVEL

Mary B. of Centralia, Illinois was frustrated with her cracking, uneven driveway. As the soil settled, the concrete began to sink making it unsafe.

Foreman Andrew T. installed PolyLEVEL to restore the concrete to its original position and make it safe again. 


Badly Damaged Centralia, IL Patio Repaired With PolyLevel

This Centralia, Illinois home's back patio was in a bad way. It was horribly cracked and sunken due to much of the underlying soil washing away over the years. It was ugly and unsafe, and the homeowners called Woods Basement Systems for help. In order to repair the damage, PolyLevel, an expanding composite foam, was injected underneath the damaged slabs. Because PolyLevel dries very quickly, the patio was leveled and ready to be used in just 30 minutes!

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