Woods Basement Systems, Inc. Case Studies: Nasty Crawl Space in Champaign, IL

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014 by Stacie Ellis


This dirty crawl space was incredibly humid and full of mold.  The homeowner had been smelling something and couldn’t figure out where it was coming from.  Woods discovered that the smell was originating in the crawl space and ventilating up into her home.  The crawl space was covered in dust, insects, and who knows what else!  The homeowner wanted to eliminate all mold and humidity in the crawl space and get rid of the terrible odor.


Woods Basement Systems gave her crawl space a complete makeover by installing CleanSpace and a SaniDry CX.  CleanSpace is a 20 millimeter thick liner that is fitted to the crawl space to completely seal off the home from the earth.  The multiple layers give it flexibility, while also maintaining its puncture and tear resistance.  CleanSpace is also a bright white color, which dramatically transforms the crawl space into a neat and clean area.  The CleanSpace encapsulation system solves crawl space moisture problems and prevents any future mold from growing.

In order to solve the high humidity issue, Woods installed a SaniDry CX.  It is a powerful, reliable, and cost-efficient dehumidification system.  The SaniDry keeps humidity below 55% all year long so mold will not grow.  This also causes the air in the entire home to be drier, resulting in lower cooling costs.  The SaniDry also has an air filtration system, ensuring that the air in your home is clean and healthy.

The resident was very happy with her now clean and odor-free crawl space.  Woods helped turn the nasty space that she would normally avoid into a healthy storage area, while also adding property value to her home.

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