Woods Basement Systems, Inc. Case Studies: Waterproofing Makeover in Charleston, IL

Friday, July 11th, 2014 by Stacie Ellis


This basement in Charleston, IL was in desperate need of a waterproofing makeover.  The windows leaked, the sump pump failed, and the floor always seemed to be wet.  The resident wanted to use his unfinished basement for storage, but was unable to do so since it flooded every time it rained.


Woods Basement Systems gave the basement a complete waterproofing makeover by installing new windows, WaterGuard, ThermalDry, and a TripleSafe sump pump.  All of these products worked together to keep the basement permanently dry.

The old, leaky windows were replaced with new windows in order to prevent water from entering through the cracks.  The old windows had begun to separate from the exterior, and cracks were extending out from the square.  The cracks were sealed, and the new windows fit perfectly in the square, keeping the rain out.

WaterGuard is a water drainage system that is designed to effectively solve basement water problems without the worry of clogging.  It is installed on top of the footing rather than beside it, so dirt and debris from below cannot enter and cause it to become clogged.  It also has a special wall flange for any wall seepage to be drained away from the home.  WaterGuard can be used with all types of foundations including block, poured concrete, and stone.

ThermalDry Basement Floor Systems can turn cold and damp concrete into a dry, comfortable floor.  Woods installed ThermalDry matting to provide an air space under the floor and a thermal break from the cold slab.  This creates a floor that will not rot, grow mold, or get damaged from a leak.

The TripleSafe is the world’s most reliable sump pump.  Woods replaced the old sump pump with a TripleSafe in order to effectively keep water out of the home.  The TripleSafe is a three-pump system.  If the first pump fails, the second pump automatically takes over.  If pump 1 cannot keep up with the amount of incoming water, both pumps 1 and 2 work at the same time.  If the power is lost, a battery operated third pump kicks in and gets the job done.

The resident was extremely happy with the work done by Woods and now enjoys a dry basement all the time.



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