Woods Basement Systems, Inc. Case Studies: Insulating and Encapsulating in Urbana, IL

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014 by Rachel Sipes


Otto and Karen were worried about the condition of their crawlspace.  They didn't want pests, dirt and water to make it's way into the crawl space and risk damaging the rest of the house.  They still wanted ventilation into the crawlspace without debris getting inside of it, whether that be dirt, insects, or forest critters.  These homeowners often had critters visiting their home and while they enjoyed seeing them they didn't want them to build a home in their home.  So they called Woods Basement Systems.


The System Design Specialist came and stated that the crawlspace had it's best shot for staying dry, insulated, properly drained and ventilated would be to install SilverGlo, a drainage system, CleanSpace, and ventilation covers.

SilverGlo is an insulation panel system.  This was first installed up against the crawlspace walls.  The backside contains a radiant barrier so when installed the insulation value is bumped to R14 and is still 2.5 in thick.  The foam resists conductive heat flow, it is resistant to water, mold, termites, and fire.  SilverGlo would make sure this crawlspace doesn't get humid and would help keep out water.

Before the CleanSpace is installed, a drainage system is laid down for water to flow beneath if water were to leak in.  This adds durability, puncture resistance and a thermal break.  CleanSpace is installed over this and and up the SilverGlo walls.  This keeps out dirt, water, and pests and makes the crawl space looking brand new and incredibly clean.  The liner is a heavy 20-mil-thick material similar to a pool liner.  This helps reduce the humidity level in the air.  This was carefully cut and installed to fit this homeowner's crawl space.

Lastly, vent covers were installed over the vents on the outside of the house.  This saves the homeowner energy costs and make the home more comfortable and healthy.  Otto and Karen are now more content with the condition of their crawlspace.

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Service Technician: Garth Weihl

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