Woods Basement Systems, Inc. Case Studies: Full Encapsulation Process in Woodlawn, IL

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014 by Rachel Sipes


Humidity not only makes us uncomfortable, but it makes the houses we live in uncomfortable too.  This homeowner's crawl space in Woodlawn, IL suffered from this problem.  His crawl space was so humid that the wood started to sweat - a sign that moisture was condensing on the surfaces, making these organic materials susceptible to mold growth.   It was damp from water getting in and the heat and humidity of the summer months didn't help the situation.  If this problem continued, mold could have grown inside and the wood would have started to rot and cause an unstable crawl space.  Luckily, this homeowner realized this problem before this humidity issue progressed any further.



First, to make sure the water was drained from the crawl space a Smart Pipe and a Smart Sump Pump were installed.  The Smart Pipe is the first custom-engineered drainage system for crawl spaces.  It has custom design holes on the top and front under the filter fabric, to accept water from the soil and the surface of the crawlspace.  The Smart Pipe will collect the water from the perimeter of Mike's crawl space and drain it towards the Smart Sump. 

The Smart Sump is made especially for crawl spaces.  It has a unique lid design, so water from a plumbing leak fills an alarm pocket on the lid first, sounding a Water Watch alarm that will let you know there is a plumbing leak.  From there the water flows down a special air tight floor drain that will let the water down, but damp air cannot come up into the crawl space.  To make sure the Smart Pump doesn't clog or freeze, Mike also had an IceGuard and LawnScape system installed on the outside of his house.  Now water can continue to pump out and away from the house.

A drainage mat was laid down on the crawl space floor and then CleanSpace is laid on top.  This is made from a heavy 20-mil-thick material similar to a pool liner.  This helps reduce humidity levels and keeps the crawl space looking brand new and clean.  To make sure the humidity levels do stay out, Mike had a SaniDry system installed.  This machine filtrates and dehumidifies the air.  Mike can control how dry or humid he wants it in his crawl space.  This system drains automatically to ensure maximum performance from his unit.

With all these changes to his crawl space, it is sure to stay dry and properly get the water out of it.


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