Woods Basement Systems, Inc. Case Studies: Crawlspace Encapsulation in Champaign, IL

Monday, July 11th, 2016 by Jordan Link


Mark W. had a damp crawlspace that had an existing vapor barrier, but it was not keeping out moisture. Mark also wanted to waterproof his crawlspace and have a solution that would control the humidity and moisture within. He called Woods Basement Systems, where Systems Design Specialist Kevin Estes came out to design a solution based on Mark's needs.


The best solution for Mark was to replace the vapor barrier in his crawlspace with the CleanSpace® vapor barrier, install the SmartPipe drainage system, a SmartSump™ crawlspace sump pump, and a SaniDry™ CX dehumidification system.

Joshua Bailey and his team came out to install the products. The process began with covering all vents to prevent cold air, humidity, and moisture entering from the outside. The SmartSump™ sump pump was then installed, along with the SmartPipe drainage system. The drainage system was installed around the perimeter, and includes holes on the top and front to collect water from the soil, and a wall flange to collect water from the walls. A drainage matting was installed over the crawlspace floor, which has dimples in it to provide air circulation. Moisture underneath the drainage matting is directed to the SmartPipe draining system, and then directed to the sump pump to be pumped out. Over the draining system and drainage matting went the CleanSpace® vapor barrier. The vapor barrier was placed over the floor and the walls, which was mechanically fastened so the barrier would not fall off the walls. The seamless finish would help control the humidity and moisture in the basement. To finish the project, the team installed a SaniDry™ CX dehumidification system. The dehumidification system would further control the humidity and moisture in the basement, while emptying the water itself, eliminating the need for manual emptying. The system can be set to turn on only when the humidity level is too high (determined by homeowner), minimizing the machine's usage.

Now, Mark enjoys a dry crawlspace, one he can be confident in that it will remain dry and benefit his home.

Project Summary

Systems Design Specialist: Kevin Estes

Primary Foreman: Joshua Bailey

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