Woods Basement Systems, Inc. Case Studies: SmartJack® Support System Installation in Champaign, IL

Monday, August 1st, 2016 by Jordan Link


Tracy M. had a sagging floor in her Champaign, IL home, which was caused by failing supports in her crawlspace. Wood shims were placed between one support and the support beam, because the support was sinking. Another had boards placed vertically between the support and the beam. The boards buckled under the weight of the home, minimizing the effect of the support.

Tracy called Woods Basement Systems, where Systems Design Specialist Kevin Estes came out to design a solution based on Tracy's needs. Tracy needed a solution that would return her sagging floor to a horizontal position, and ensure unfailing support to her home.


The best solution for Tracy was to install the SmartJack® support system, where a team would install new support beams and supports to hold up her home. While Kevin was at Tracy's home to discuss the best course of action for her problem, he also determined the appropriate locations for the support beam and support posts.

Foreman James Long and his team came out to install the products. The installation began by installing the support beams. These beams were installed in locations that would optimize the support of the home. Following the installation of the beams, the team installed the support posts. The posts were installed by embedding the posts in the earth, far enough to ensure they will not sink. The posts were adjusted to apply pressure on the beams. Once all posts were in position, the team adjusted them further, to raise the sagging floor to a horizontal position.

The project was completed in three days. Now, Tracy knows the new supports will support her home with ease for years to come.

Project Summary

Systems Design Specialist: Kevin Estes

Primary Foreman: James Long IV

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